Best Audio interface: Capture DAW audio + Mic voiceover

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone doing a similar stream as me would recommend what sounds cards they are using flawlessly.  I thank you in advance for answering here.

I am attempting to stream my music making videos. This means that I need to capture audio from a mic (me talking) + audio from the various DAWs I may be using (Maschine, Ableton Live, StudioOne).  This sounds a lot easier than it appears to be...  My latest issue is that my sound card is just resetting itself, turning off and on at random intervals while using it and streaming, very strange. It's a UAD Apollo Twin and it works perfectly fine in every other scenario, even when I stream from wirecast having a DJ mixer go into the UAD. I streamed last night for 2 hours just sending audio into the UAD and no problem. I was NOT using a DAW or any software on the computer at the time. (It's an iMac Pro, so power is not an issue). This is why I think that the DAW competing with Wirecast for the sound card might be causing an issue with my set-up?

My point in this post wasn't tell you my issues BUT to try and see what other people are doing and using for an audio interface. I have used the search tool and found a few threads, but nothing seemingly totally on point to what I am asking. 

Maybe the reason is that most people in my position are using Loopback or Dante? I have Loopback and for some reason can't get the set up right for the life of me. If someone could just make a YouTube video on how to do that, I would be a happy camper :) 

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  • You may want to test with a free trial of Loopback or Dante Via to see if they'll help. 
    Some devices and drivers don't like to feed more than one program.

  • Kristin25 said:
    Maybe the reason is that most people in my position are using Loopback or Dante? I have Loopback and for some reason can't get the set up right for the life of me. If someone could just make a YouTube video on how to do that, I would be a happy camper :) 

    I was initially planning to go with Loopback. However, the vendor was at the time selling their software in a way that was unlawful in Australia. Our laws require vendors to display tax inclusive prices. They decided to add extra tax later in the process of purchasing. When I pointed this out to them, they were rude and arrogant, and not the type of company I wanted to do business with.

    They were reported to the Australian Government for their non compliance with our law. I went to their website, and it appears they now add taxes for us in the initial displayed price. But, I would still not buy from them going forward. Again, their corporate responsibility and ethics don't match my requirements.

    From a technical perspective, I looked strongly at Dante Via. Their purchase system matched legal requirements over here. Their software trial worked. And one other big factor for me was that they also did hardware products. I didn't need the hardware, but the fact that they had invested strongly in this area meant that they were likely to be a stable supplier/vendor. 

    The only side issue at the moment. My production PC is still on High Sierra, not Mojave. Dante have advised that they don't officially support Mojave at this time. They've claimed that their software works, but the GUI has not been updated. I don't know what that means exactly. For me, I just left that workstation on High Sierra since it works.


  • Greg Kuhnert Mojave darkmode compliance might be the GUI issue.

  • CraigS Yeah, I own Loopback, just can't get it set up right...

    If anyone on here is using Loopback with an Apollo Twin Duo and feeding into a DAW, I would be forever grateful for your assistance! 

  • Kristin25 Going from DAW to Wirecast with Loopback? Describe what you're trying to do and doesn't seem to be working. Knowing the intent can help. Perhaps describe in detail so Loopback users can provide a detailed solution.

  • Dante Via is stereo only. If you want to connect multiple DAW channels I would strongly point to Dante virtual soundcard. That way you can multichannel I/O into your DAW and WIrecast station. Adding a mic is easy as well. There are Dante mics available or use a analog/dante converter. Dante Via could add a USB mic or similar over dante to DVS as well

    Just keep in mind that DVS and VIA can NOT run concurrently on the same computer.

  • Thank you to everyone -- I have gotten loopback to work! My only issue now is having to listen to my voice through my headphones. Can't figure out how to only monitor music through headphones and not audio...but it appears that'a a limitation of the set-up. Guess I will need to get used to that...


    This is what I am doing - I created a "Stream" Device in Loopback that brings in Ableton which I used for my mic as well as Maschine which is where I am generally wanting to make music. I haven't live-streamed with the set-up but I am hoping that this stops my sound card from flaking out...

    I appreciate this forum, just that people were willing to try and help me figure it out! Thank you! 

  • Kristin25 Make sure “Monitor audio through” in Loopback is not selected. Also check WC to insure you don’t have the “monitor” feature on, under your mic audio layer.

  • Jens Jarke hi there, so im having a lot of trouble getting my cubase 10 DAW audio into wirecast. i purchased dante virtual soundcard and dante via but i still dont know how to get any of it to wook. im devistated after having just spend 1k on wirecast

  • Open Cubase. Map your tracks to DVS channels. Now you have them available in your network. Open VIA on a different machine. Ingest the channels you like from your DAW. On the VIA machine connect a MIC (USB or Jack) Enable Dante for that input in VIA and you will be able to receive it in your DVS and then back into Cubase to record.

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