MIDI Panic Button in needed

Recently TeleStream has the option to use midi devices with Wirecast which is awesome...  The problem is when making any changes to the shots within Wirecast the midi device will panic and becomes unresponsive.  I've played with midi for years and know that the midi will panic every now and then.  Please add a panic button to reset the midi device during a live broadcast. 

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  • MIDI specific posts should be in the Midi Controllers forum as that's where the developers are looking for those issues and request so I moved the post.

  •   CraigS  I post it in the "New Request" because there is not a current panic button for midi now.  I understand your position. 

  • Will Johnson I'd like the MIDI team to see this specifically since they're working in that area. It's a good suggestion given the need.

  • Hi Will Johnson and CraigS ...

    This sounds like the problems I have been having. Indeed the controller randomly becomes unresponsive when making changes to shots. A panic button would be nice, but even better to understand why this happens in the first place.

    Will Johnson - If you exit your wirecast session after the controller locks up, does wirecast crash? That is the behaviour that I have observed and reported.

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