Manual zooming of Mac desktop

Hi all,

Newbie Screenflow user here, but I have a wide background in various fields of video compression, editing, streaming etc so my questions at this point are perhaps a weird combination of ‘how to’  basics plus deeper questions on the technical side.

I watched Lucas’ videos on the Introduction to Sctreenflwo 7 and the ‘How I made that video’

I have not personally seen better examples of teaching software anywhere. Congrats to all involved , super job. I particularly love the chromakey of Lucas which adds that human element to an otherwise boring UI, yet he doesn’t get in the way. Fantastic.

I have several questions on various topics but will post them separately


In the “Introducing Screenshot 7’ movie as seen here

A various times Lucas is zooming his mac screen but it look to me as if that is live as he is commenting to/about it as he does it … ie not done as a Video Actions in SS, post-recording. I’d also like to do this, how is it done ? It look smoother than the default Mac options under accessibility.

See here it look like his left hand is scrolling something to do the zooming when he says “ … when you come here to the general tab …”


Enquiring minds ....

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  • Only Lucas knows for sure. That doesn't look like Accessibility. Since it's a live stream it may be something he was using in Wirecast although that behaves similarly to ScreenFlow when using Accessibility. Perhaps ask him on the next ScreenFlow live stream. I'll see what I can find out.

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  • Lucas says: "i use my laptop. so i hold command then 2 finger swipe up to zoom in"

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  • CraigS Got it.  So I just need to practice that to get 'Lucas' smooth !

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  • Dean Laffan 👍 the art of trackpad zooming.

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