Renaming IP Camera Source

i'm using ip cameras so i have them setup using web stream.  They are named in, in 1, in 2.  is there a way to change the name that wirecast assigns to them.  i have the names changed on the shots, but would like to see the name of my cameras, like when i'm adding shots.  i am setting this system up for a customer, so i know now that in is my south camera, in 1 is my center camera and in 2 is my north camera.  i would simply like to name them accordingly so my customer will have an easier time if they build more shots.  thank you for your time.  wirecast 8 pro, v 8.2.0 (33034)



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  • After you add the Web Stream shot try renaming in Web Stream Properties Source Name.

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  • Thanks for the reply Craig. 

    As i mentioned, I've already changed the name on the shots, i'm wanting to change the default name that wirecast is giving it, so that when my customers go in to "web stream" to set up other shots and are looking for the cameras, they will see "south camera", "center camera", "north camera", instead of the default names "in", "in 1", "in 2" that honestly make no sense whatsoever...  these names don't make any sense anyway, ha ha it should at least start with "in 1" lol

    anyway, i digress...

    in the picture above, you'll see what i'm talking about. 

    now in the picture below, you'll see that wirecast picked up the camera names automatically in the capture devices page.  unfortunately, these ptxoptic cameras do not have the NDI firmware, so even though the show up there with the proper names and ip addresses, i can't use them.  when i select one of them, all it tells me is the firmware can be updated to NDI for 600.00 a piece... ha ha


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  • Jimmy Fleming Do the cameras allow you to change their names in its own software?

    I notice it says Select Existing. Perhaps the sources have been previously named.

    You should make a feature request asking for end user control to change the names as detected by Wirecast.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

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  • CraigS  yes the cameras do allow to change their name.  That's where the South, Center and North names came from that you see under capture devices.  They just had genetic names to begin with.  I went to each cameras menu and changed the name.  On reboot of Wirecast, it reflected the new names you see there.

    Just doesn't do it under the web stream settings.  Just "in, in 1 and in 2"

    I'll do the suggestion thing.


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  • Jimmy Fleming You're welcome of course.

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