Wirecast Interface Sluggish at times

Hi, I am a professor getting ready to use Wirecast for a studio production class and need some help. On my recommendation, the college bought a Wirecast Gear Turnkey system about not quite a year ago.


I upgraded to Wirecast 10 yesterday. Wirecast is working, but at times, I notice a slow down and some sluggishness when running the program. 


Any tips on how to improve performance would be appreciated. I have read about creating a new user profile to run Wirecast. Should I do this? What else can I do to improve performance? Thank you for your help!

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  • It may depend on your CPU and GPU use. I'm sorry you're experiencing this but can you give me the details as to what your document looks like at your total system CPU use as shown in Wirecast and/or Task Manager. Also details about your monitor(s) being used.

  • I can't give you exact CPU usage data right now as I am not with the computer. However, I can tell you that we are running two Dell monitors, one at 3840x2160 (a Dell UP3216Q) and another Dell monitor at 1080p. I use the 4k monitor for a 4 window multi-output monitor so I can see the cameras and I use the 1080p for displaying the interface to Wirecast. We use 4 cameras. The cameras are three 4K cameras, the Sony PXW-Z150s and one Canon HF-G10. The cameras are set for 1080p. The Sony's were set however to 24 frames output at 1080p. I was recording when the sluggishness happened. I don't remember the exact recording preset, but it was 1080p at 30 frames. We are using a Behringer UMC 1820 USB Audio interface.  But I did not have any audio from the interface coming in at the time, just the camera audio.


    We are using the bottom tier Wirecast gear system, bought at around $5000 with Intel HD Graphics.


    Would it help if I created a new user profile just for Wirecast? If so, would it be a problem to have Titler Pro and Switch installed on that new profile?

  • Could it be that the 4K monitor resolution is having an effect on performance? Might it help if I lower the resolution to 1080p or does that matter?

  • Matthew Lawson Does sluggishness mean interface response. It's possible driver two monitors, one 4K, may or may not be the issue.  In other words it may well be using two monitors, one of which is 4K is part of the issue.

    Create a new test document similar to the one you've had issues with. Reboot the computer and then test with  both monitors set to 1080 and see if the behavior improves. Keep in mind streaming and recording and certain FX will have impact as well so try to recreate the conditions in the new document as closely as possible. If streaming and/or recording, note the CPU use as well. CPU use should be no higher than 60% for best performance and 80% and up could be problematic.

  • Yes, interface response was sluggish.

    I will try to adjust the resolution of the 4k monitor and see if there is a change. I was just recording when this happened. I was not streaming at the same time.

  • Could it be the preset I was recording in as well that may be taxing the system?

  • Matthew Lawson said:
    Could it be the preset I was recording in as well that may be taxing the system?

     As part of the combination leading to the issue, maybe. Recording to MJPEG MOV uses less resources than recording to H.264 MP4

  • Okay. Would creating a separate user profile on the Wirecast gear machine specifically for Wirecast have any effect on lowering CPU or GPU usage?

    Could I also install Switch and Titler Pro on that profile without causing any problems with CPU or GPU usage?


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