Restream.io vs Restream Wirecast

I am thrilled that Wirecast has now introduced the restream feature. At first I thought that they were using restream.io , a company that has been active for quite some time. However, this is not the case, it is just the same (confusing) choice of name.

I went to the effort to compare features. If I understand correctly, Wirecast is offering a standard package for $25 / month which limits you to 720p, 30fps and 500 minutes. Streaming is possible to multiple platforms, Restream.io on the other hand offers free unlimited restreaming at higher resolution, mirroring your stream bandwidth unless you use Facebook (at the cost of $19 per month and 720p, 30 fps) -  All other channels at higher resolution. Unlimited minutes.

This begs the question: Why should a Wirecast customer use Wirecast restream instead of restream.io if Wirecast is limited in minutes and more expensive? Is it just convenience, surely I am missing something? Can someone please clarify?

Thank you

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  • I think Wirecast's Restream includes captioning.  Other providers charge a few dollars per minute. So if captioning is important there is a huge price savings

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  • Captioning is provided at a premium so this is not an advantage 

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  • SassePhoto Is there an additional charge for the captioning?  I thought it was included as part of the restream service?   

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  • Ok I just checked and you are correct see image. One other note about restream.io is that they have the additional service where you can monitor all the comments in one place while restreaming so you don't have to have a separate window opened for every destination.

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  • If someone streams professional, have tech support and a maintained back end to minimize downtime is important.

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  • Perhaps this in-depth webinar will help explains the details better than the brief description on our site.

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  • Alan Weinstein  Wirecast captions is extra charge $60 / month for 500 minutes. 

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  • CraigS Wirecast provides good support so does restream.io they even have an online chat and reply instantly. I still do not get the benefit for the extra price

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  • SassePhoto Contact our Cloud Sales Team and perhaps they can explain the advantages.

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  • CraigS Will do thank you. So far it is clear that Wirecast needs to be more clear about what products they are selling and what the benefits are. Seems everyone here is confused

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  • SassePhoto I agree that it may not be clear what the benefits are compared to other services.

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  • I use Restream and it works great. However there appears to be a bug on the consolidated chat application. I can share the chat window across facebook, youtube and periscope. However it won't connect to it as a transparent overlay stream in wirecast. I have the settings right (1hr on chat with restream staff). However I can overlay the chat as a web page and shrink it to a corner of my wirecast screen. It works but would prefer it if wirecast could support the webstream of chat content from restream.io. I have raised a forum question on the topic here because its not clear why wirecast rejects the chat link from restream (unless they are blocking it to protect their own service offering?). Thanks

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  • Robin Fitton We'll continue the discussion in the other forum area. Telestream's Restream does not have a chat feature.

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  • CraigS Hi CraigS thank you. 

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  • Robin Fitton You're welcome of course.

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