What CDNs are supported for Wirecast Cloud Live Captioning Service?

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a list of supported CDNs for Wirecast Cloud Live Captioning.

Specifically, we have a prospective client that uses Vimeo Premium.

Thanks so much!


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  • Looks like it should work with Vimeo
    Wirecast Web Services

    Free trial, 100 minutes. So you can test directly.


  • I saw that - but at some point I saw a list (that I now cannot find) regarding Wirecast Cloud Captioning that did NOT include Vimeo...  Was hoping that the Cloud Captioning Team could provide a list of CDNs that they've streamed to.  :-)

    And this makes me nervous:  https://vimeo.com/blog/post/vimeo-live-is-here-professional-live-streaming

    Dynamic Captioning Tech 1 year ago

    Does you live player support Closed Captioning through RTMP, through EEG Falcon, for instance?

    Michael Cohen STAFF 1 year ago

    Hi there, Vimeo Live currently does not support Closed Captioning but it is a very important feature that is currently in development. We hope to have more information about Closed Captioning support very soon.

    Dynamic Captioning Tech 8 months ago

    Is there any progress on this, yet?

    Calvin College PRO 1 month ago

    How about now?

    Washington and Lee News PRO 2 weeks ago

    I would also like to chime in... How about now?

  • Aaron Booker Currently it's compatible with Vimeo. Since captioning support is very much dependent on the CDN and that can change as CDNs add support, a static list wouldn't be practical. The free trial allows you to test. If a CDN claims support and the test fails, we'd investigate.

    As evidence, much of what you post is old and the CDNs should post currently, that they support captions. Basically, you should contact them directly (their sales or tech support would be better than posting in their forum) and ask if they support live captions. Then you can test with Wirecast's free minutes as needed. 

  • CraigS Hi Craig.  Just tested with Vimeo and no go.  :-(

    Getting ready to test with DACast just to be sure it's not me...

  • Aaron Booker said:
    Just tested with Vimeo and no go.

     What happened? No captions visible? Something else?
    Try testing with Facebook to make sure it's working. That would be a good "control" (known good) CDN.

  • DACast is good.  (no captions is the issue with Vimeo).  Updated my 11.1 to 11.1.2 just in case.  Still no captions with Vimeo.  Now going to try 12.0.1 demo as our other licenses aren't here at the office this week.

  • CraigS Now tried Vimeo with 12.0.1.  Still no captions visible, nor a selector option for them in the player.  (DACast yes to both even back to 11.1).  So you might want to take Vimeo off your supported list.  I did just find this article that implies Vimeo only supports Closed Captions with Vimeo Studio and a Blackmagic Decklink device (hardware embed): https://help.livestream.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002054348

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  • Aaron Booker Are you using Vimeo or Livestream? While Vimeo owns Livestream, their streaming services are still separate.
    You've pointed to Livestream support articles which we may not be compatible with.
    Vimeo streaming service is this.

    Which as a specific destination
    Vs Livestream which has a different destination

  • Aaron Booker I just tested with my own Vimeo account and can confirm as you noted, it seems there's no support for live captioning even though I have it correctly set up.

    Fill out the form, note that captioining works with DaCast but did not work with Vimeo so you can confirm that our cloud captioning itself was working. You can add that I tested with Vimeo as well and confirmed your experience.

    Wirecast Support Form

    We'll send you a case number and we'll escalate and contact Vimeo about this.

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  • CraigS Thank you.  Submitted!

  • Aaron Booker We'll investigate and confirm Vimeo's position.
    It was previously confirmed as supported as we tested directly before showing compatibility.

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  • I just went through a huge trial and error process with Vimeo Live with a EEG Falcon.  Speaking with their support, they said CC currently has very limited compatibility and will not work with EEG Falcon captioning hardware.

  • Dan Francis That certainly could limit Vimeo's market.

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