Better Cutting

Often when making cuts between shots that contain several sources, there's a quick flash. I've noticed I can sometimes rearrange the order of the sources to eliminate the flash, but in some cases, the flash persists.

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  • It may depend on your shot setup. You'd have to provide the details in order for me to help. Shot Layers and Master Layers. You may want to provide screenshots.

    Also it's not clear what you mean by "flash" as a white flash would be unusual.

    Layer order from shot to shot should be consistent.

  • You could watch our show live right now to see the flash. I can give you a Youtube example later. You'll notice every time we make a switch, there is a flash. By white flash, I mean a frame of solid white. Sometime it covers the entire screen. Sometimes it only covers one particular video source.

    In the instance of switching between two shots and keeping layer order consistent, it's not possible when I'm switching between a shot that is two cameras and a shot that is three cameras. I've added a camera. Where does that extra camera go? I thought that maybe I could add that third camera into the two camera shot and turn it off so that it's not visible, but the flash is still there.

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  • Lucas Eubank I don't doubt you're seeing a flash. I must know the shot and master layer makeup to troubleshoot though. Given others aren't reporting this, I believe the issue may be related to your shot configuration and sources. 

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