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Hi folks,

i have build an midi based interface for my show to switch to several shots/cameras /media. Now i need a shortcut for the standard next media in a playlist so i can relay only on my new interface and don't need a mouse.

I did not find a complete reference of all inbuild shortcuts in wirecast. It would be a great win if those could be part of the tooltips like in other software.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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  • Carsten Bock said:
    I did not find a complete reference of all inbuild shortcuts in wirecast

     The User Guide has them. Page 75 and 76

  • and create your own to assign to shots. Explained on Pages 179 to 181.

  • Thanks Craig - yeah this two i already know. unfortunately there is no shortcut for next media in a playlist as i saw. So with the concept of own shortcuts i'm fine but i don't see a way to assign them to a button that is not a media in a timeline. 

    So as i have lots of external media files that are organised by playlists to keep an overview i don't see a way to call just the next media if another has finished an a live image from a camera was in-between both.

    So is there any other way to achieve this? From my point of view wirecast gets a bit inconvenient if one has lots of media to control within a show. The playlists should be more of a mix of playlist and grouping functionality to organise. Perhaps there is a feedback from you to the development possible. 

    Thanks in advance!


  • Carsten Bock said:
    unfortunately there is no shortcut for next media in a playlist as i saw.

     You may need to make a feature request for that then. Post in the Feature Request forum for that so other users can add their support.

    If you're primarily going to move from clip to clip with shortcuts you can do that with non-playlist shots. For the feature request, you may want to explain why you prefer to do that in a Playlist. It may be that the developers conceived of Playlist as automated and the advance to next clip was just a manual (mouse-driven) contingency. Do make the request though and make a case for the need over just doing it with regular shots.

    Perhaps: Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to Playlist functions

  • CraigS Thanks for your effort Craig.

    I will open a feature request for something like that or perhaps another form of grouping tool for elements in tracks.
    Just for your understanding - and perhaps other folks that come across this post :-) 

    You might be right that the playlist is more a play one by another one from conceptional view - but i think it is also the only chance to group shots together within tracks. In my case - i have a seminar for students that runs over 8 days with specific topics on each day. So in every topic there are round about 10 media video files that have to be played and between the media i have live camera situations for different desktop presenter/live cam combinations). So a media has  to jump to a standard camera after it has played. Sometimes i need to interrupt the video and go live to answer a question that comes a cross or show some live things that appear in my ideas :-) - and after that the media should play from the position it stopped, some times there are two media files and then a live shot. This means one wirecast file has to hold about 60 - 80 media files plus several camera angles, images, background music, and so on. To get this managed as a one man show you need grouping functionality as five tracks are not enough to keep things organized in a matter of order (one above another one and by time - first this than that). 

    So my solution is to put per day of an event (1-8) alle media and some camera angles into a playlist. So 10 files in one playlist and in-between the media files a copy of the right camera angle for the live session. This is a solution that works more or less good. But if you have to move from a live angle to the next shot the only way is to tap the arrow on the bottom of the playlist to get this media to work. And this is annoying as a live situation means that things are in tention an stress and everything should be as easy as it can be. So i build up a complete MIDI interface for my ipad to controle all shots within the 5 tracks (music, graphics, live cameras, desktop presenters in different combinations).

    So from that standpoint of flexibility it would be a great help to have the option within wirecast to assign a shortcut to every controle button as well as for media files within playlists :-).

  • Carsten Bock That description explains the need. Developers like to see that kind of info. It helps them understand the request.

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