Desktop Presenter vs NDI

Please pardon my ignorance but when would you use DTP vs now the new I/O NDI protocol that 7.6/7.7 now supports?



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  • I don't think you would. NDI seems superior to me in every way thus far.

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  • It may be an ease of use decision but ultimately NDI may be the way forward. 
    You may want to do a direct comparison to get a feel for the differences.

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  • Thanks Adam and CraigS for the quick replies.

    So, it seems like NDI is truly a faster, lower latency, overall better option to bring in not only Presentation Computers w/ PowerPoint / Keynote Slides, but Skype / Video Chat computers, or networked camera feeds, etc?

    I assume it handles audio and video and keeps them in sync too?

    Will definitely have to test.

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  • Nathan Mitchiner Do test and compare and even post back your first hand experience.

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