Audio restarts every time I go live with a new layer

I have a series of shots on three layers - on the lowest layer, a piece of mp3 audio; on the next up layer, a still image; and on the layer above that, a title.

When I press go for the audio, it starts playing as it should, over black.

Then I go live with either/both of the still image and the title, and when they are fully transitioned in, the audio jumps back to the start of the track.

Weirdly, when I set up a new project, the first time I run the audio and image and title, the problem doesn’t occur - the audio plays continuously as I add the other two layers.  But every time I run the sequence after that, the audio restarts when the transition into the image and then the title finishes.

I am on Wirecast 7.7.0

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5

Intel Core i7

The music is an mp3

The image is a jpg



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  • Please check Source Properties for the mp3. Combinations of the settings in the red box can determine what happens when you start a file after it's been played.

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  • Thanks Craig - it doesn't seem to make a difference which of those settings I use.

    The weird thing, as I mentioned, is that when I set up a new project and put all these clips in it, and play it for the first time, it plays fine; but when I try it the second time, with the exact same settings, the glitches occur.

    The file below titled "Working" is what happened when I created a new workspace, added the music, image, and title, and went live with them.  

    The file called "Not Working" is the exact same workspace, with no adjustments to any settings.  The only thing that's changed is that I went live with "Clear all layers" for each of the three layers.  And then when I played it again, in the same sequence as the first time, the glitches occur. 

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  • Jonathan Wald Thanks for testing. Please do fill out the form and report the issue. Describe your tests and supplement by linking to this forum thread so support can read in more detail.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • well, Support should be quite aware of this problem, since some of us have been documenting it for a while now, but please do bring it to their attention again, thanks!.  Jonathan, There is a workaround that should probably work for you, however it requires duplicating your shot of the MP3 and having one of these shots set for "remember position even when not live" and the other shot having this unchecked.  start the mp3 with the unchecked shot, so it will start at the beginning (otherwise it probably will not).  then immediately click the duplicate shot with "remember position" checked, otherwise it will restart from the beginning when you click a media file on another layer. This workaround is painstaking in 2 ways: 1) you have to make twice as many shots and 2) you have do extra clicking around to babysit your media file that you don't want to be interrupted.  Good luck!.  

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  • solar sonic Thanks for the workaround tip. The more reports the greater the impact on development priority so additional reports are important.

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  • CraigS sounds good Craig... And with this MP3 kinda problem, i've been mixing most of my audio on another laptop with Ableton Live, and bringing it in to my Wirecast laptop via a USB audio interface; (and i was in the process of writing up a post concerning new issues with this, when i saw Johnathan's post).  so please lookout for my audio post, coming soon, thanks)

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  • solar sonic Will do.

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  • Hi Solar Sonic - thanks for the workaround, sorry you're having the problem too.  

    The workaround mostly worked for me, except that when I bring in the new image/text layer, there is an audio pop/click at the point where previously the audio would have restarted.  It's more noticeable with some mp3s than with others, but definitely not professional.

    I also tried it with audio in WAV form and .mov form, and the same problem occurred, so it isn't just an mp3 issue.

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  • Jonathan Wald oh, forgot to mention that!  and you're definitely right.  the pop or glitch does vary... from almost imperceptible to absolutely unacceptable, but its always there!  (So i should have said that the workaround is painstaking in 3 ways... not just 2.... which makes the fix of this long-standing problem all the more important, if Wirecast is to be considered a professional program)

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  • solar sonic Make sure the developers understand this when you fill out the form or follow up. Again they need to know the details on the workflow problems.

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  • I was waiting to upgrade my computer yet again before i re-visited this topic, but have to now announce that even with the current top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 3.1ghz i7 quadcore with 4GB graphics, state of the art (fast!) SSD, 16GB RAM (fresh OSX 10.12.6, latest Wirecast, plus a fresh new document for testing purposes); these glitches upon switching media shots still exists, and will ruin an otherwise nice streaming show!  

    I no longer believe that these glitches have much of anything to do with processing power, since it behaves the same on my mid-level 2014 MacBook Pro than it does on this 2017 top of the line.  This is disheartening, and telling me that Wirecast is not capable of professional use when manipulating media files.  I would like to believe otherwise, but i've already put a lot of time into testing, including upgrading my computer, twice.  

    Testing is time-consuming, and contacting Support, i'm sure they will want want me to demonstrate everything (although i would tend to think that they know about this problem already, and should level with us, rather than have us run further testing to "describe the problem")  Instead: Could we get a time-table on de-bugging this problem, or a refund on our version 7 upgrade from last year (when these problems started in earnest)?  When combining this "media file glitch" bug, with the "scrolling text" bug, as well as the "lost webcam settings" bug; this year, i have "tested" Wirecast more than i get opportunity to use it.  hey, I'd apply for a job with the Wirecast/Telestream tech department, but Nevada City is a bit of a commute from Los Angeles! 

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  • solar sonic email support using the case number we sent you and state the issue is still present in version 7.7 and ask if they've confirmed it and ask for a status update on the fix as well.

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  • It seems I have stumbled across this bug. Since it's still not fixed, should I submit request myself?

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  • yes! Christopher Sabato  please do submit the request... that is, if you're talking about the audio/video shot "restarting" bug (?)  It had been reported by several users as far as i know..., starting well over a year ago! (though it has been quiet lately); so Support needs to keep hearing about it. Please explain how it impacts your workflow. (The work-around requires having to make a duplicate shot, one with "remember position" checked, and one with it unchecked, wasting screen space and requiring extra acrobatic mouse clicks to switch between them... often resulting in embarrassing mistakes in the middle of live shows).  Each new version that comes out without a fix seems kinda disgraceful for such an otherwise elegant powerful piece of software.

    Now, on the other hand, if you're referring to the "glitch" that i mention in later posts on this thread... Well good news is that for me it seems to be mostly eradicated by taking Craig's advice to change my video shots over to ProRes LT codec!  (i don't recall the exact specs right now... LT22 or something like that?...  but this has 80-90% fixed the glitch problem :)

    allrighty, cheers


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  • Christopher Sabato solar sonic  gives good background and advice. Fill out the previously posted form on the audio restart issue. Please include an explanation of your workflow. The developers need to understand how you're using Wirecast to see the importance of the issue.

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  • Christopher Sabato solar sonic

    Please try our Wirecast 8.3 public beta and see if the issue is resolved: Beta Build

    We addressed some issues in this area recently so it may have been fixed.

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  • Amador Custer Thanks!... and where can i find the public beta for download?  cheers

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  • solar sonic It's linked in the post but the link doesn't show in the email notification, you have to view it on the web.

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  • Christopher Sabato OK!  i just ran some quick tests with beta 8.3 and the clip restarting bug seems to be finally eradicated!  havent had a chance to play around much beyond this test, but the initial results are encouraging. Finally my grid of media clips can be pared down to a manageable size... finally... thanks!  

    Next, if the scrolling text issues (which L) have existed since version 7.0) can be fixed, we'll really be on to something!

    cheers :)

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