Frequent live stream interruptions

Hey all

i own a yoga studio, and we are broadcasting to Dacast via Wirecast go on a new 2020 iPad Pro. The quality is amazing, as long as it’s working. Every 8-10 seconds our paying clients get an interruption of dropped audio and video that lasts about 1 second. This interrupts the class in a big way, especially considering it happens over 300 times in a 60 minute class. 

i have our settings at 200 kbs fixed, and I am plugged directly into Ethernet which shows ‘fast’ speeds when tested.


any help with this is appreciated. I’ve been in touch with Dacast over the last week, but I am starting to think it might be a Wirecast go issue





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  • https://www.bodylanguageck.com/timberwolves

    you can see the error in the playback too, visible in the link above

  • Simon Swanek said:
    Every 8-10 seconds our paying clients get an interruption of dropped audio and video that lasts about 1 second.

     If this is something your clients are seeing perhaps there's an issue with Dacast.

    It's also possible the issue is using an iPad Pro since Wirecast Go is for iPhone. Can you test from an iPhone to see if your viewers see different results?

    The linked video doesn't play at all in desktop Safari so I can't see any content.

  • CraigS I’ve since purged the channel and taken it offline (why it wasn’t playing)

    It’s working great from iPhone. I originally downloaded the app from a link to the AppStore via google, which advertises the app as being suitable for iPad as well (maybe that’s old content that was coming up)

    Hopefully, sine the iPad Pro is my main computer now, someone will create an encoder that is optimized for iPad.. any suggestions That are currently out there?

    Thanks for the reply

  • Simon Swanek I suspect the iPad screen size might be a factor.
    Have you tried using Wirecast Go without expanding to full iPad screen?

  • CraigS I haven’t! but will give that a go. Good idea, thanks for the tip

  • Simon Swanek You're welcome of course. Do post back your finding.

  • CraigS follow-up — I found myself in a pinch with a dead iPhone today and a need to broadcast through my iPad, and I seem to get the lag regardless of screen size. So I’ll stick to iPhone for now

  • Simon Swanek Thanks for noting that. Sorry about that.

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