Audio hum

I have an almost-completed project, after lots of edits, many clips of audio & video. The audio has a background hum. Is there a way to reduce this within ScreenFlow by selecting all the audio clips & applying some processing to them?


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  • Yes, there are ways to deal with this. Is your hum a magnetic/electric hum that is present throughout the audio? If so that's a bit trickier to deal with. In the future you'd what to find what caused that hum and eliminate it's presence from future recordings (it can be caused by a bad audio cable, other electronics, etc.) The difficulty has less to do with reducing the hum in silent areas, but reducing the hum when there's also a human voice. There are products that will do this ... but it's tricky and somewhat costly to implement because the "trick" is reducing hum while also making the human voice sound "human" and not add artifacts to the voice. 

    ... but let's pretend you don't have that situation, or it's not noticeable when listening to a voice. Then you still might want to use a third party product, but Screenflow also provides you with easy access to the Apple audio processors that come with your computer. I don't know which one is best as I use a different approach. Someone like Craig  can tell you. See the screenshot below for how to access these filters:

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