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i tested Desktop Presenter in what would be a live situation where a powerpoint was run on an external Macbook pro connected with HDMI to a tv-screen. I could capture the screen on the Macbook, but Desktop Presenter didn't register the secondary HDMI-attached screen where the powerpoint was running. 

Is there a way i can tell the program to capture anything else but the primary "LCD Screen"?

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  • If you're running on one computer you should use Screen Capture and not Remote Desktop Presenter as it is now called. And in those circumstances, it may be better to use Newtek NDI Scan Converter. Generally, there's no need to use Desktop Presenter these days.


    Or for remote computers you should install NDI Tools.

    • CraigS  Not the original poster, but thank you for this. Had never messed with NDI before and had not heard of that utility but it is absolutely awesome. Makes my life a lot easier not having to worry about the Remote Desktop Presenter anymore.

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      Brian Barrett NDI is extremely powerful and very efficient. There's even NDI HX which can help in lower bandwidth situations (with some added latency). 

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