Rendezvous Source Changing Sizes

I am doing my first Rendezvous show since updating to Wirecast Pro 14.0.0 on Windows. I had my participants login  ahead of time just to make sure they didnt have any issues getting into the system and I noticed that one of my guests camera feed kept changing size.

I would scale to fit his protion of the screen and then a few seconds later the feed would be smaller and then boom it would be larger.

I used to have this issue using NDI camera via Skype in OBS and it drove me mad. It was the main reason that I took the plunge and purchased Wirecast Pro.

This is the first time that I have seen this happen in Rendezvous. I have no idea if it is realted to the recent update or not, but this is a BIG issue for me.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to lock the size at the cost of resolution? Id rather lose resolution.

Any help is appreciated, I have a live show in 4 hours.

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  • Martin McIntosh said:
    I noticed that one of my guests camera feed kept changing size.

     This is one of the issues we fixed in 14. Are you importing an old document?
    The nature of the various communication technologies (It can be Skype with NDI or Rendezvous or many others) is that if the bandwidth conditions change for the guest the frame size will change. Wirecast should now immediately scale (you may see a change in quality) to prevent the frame size from changing. In effect, Wirecast should lock the size.

    So something is causing Wirecast not to lock the size. If this is with a specific guest you'll need to get details from them including webcam, browser (OS and version number) and down/up bandwidth if you can.

  • I had teh same issue! Sometimes some guests are switched very fast between themselves

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      • CraigS
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      Greg Fernandes That issue should be gone in 14. Wirecast should keep a constant size even though the quality will change.

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  • Hi Martin and Craigs! I had the same issue with Rendezvous earlier today and also 2 days ago with NDI sources from Microsoft Teams. I'm on Mac OS Mojave and Wirecast 14.0.4. The guest was using an unstable Internet connection. His feed was the same size in Rendezvous Dashboard, but was constantly resizing despite the source was in a locked position (in the properties of this exact shot in Wirecast). Dear Telestream tech support, please, resolve this issue. We have a very important stream in 4 days and this issue makes the Rendezvous feature useless. 

  • Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to turn the logging on before the Rendezvous call, but I have managed to record the issue locally via Wirecast (just in case). 

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      • CraigS
      • 1 mth ago
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      Anton Chernyshov 
      Please provide a screen recording of the interface.

      While the unstable internet connection may resize to compensate, the size in the shot should remain constant although quality would degrade.

      If you are experiencing the issue we need to see it, especially your specific shot layer configuration. Also, the document should be created in 14 otherwise you may be carrying over the previous behavior if the document was created in an earlier version.

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