Wirecast 15.1.2 Released October 12, 2022

  • 5 mths ago

Link to PDF Release Notes

Wirecast 15.1.2
• WIRE-20871: Fixed a crash when adding Audio Plugins to the Final Mix when closing a document or changing the focus to another document.
• WIRE-20867: Fixed a hang when opening a document with an NVENC encoder if the
machine has no NVIDIA adapter.
• WIRE-20866/20865: Fixed an issue that can cause image files to not render if the filename was in a language other than English.
• WIRE-20835: Fixed a race condition that can cause a crash or incorrect/stale data to
• WIRE-20832: Removed the Facebook Live Scheduling feature as Facebook has deprecated and disabled this feature.
• WIRE-20826: Fixed a rare crash when saving certain documents.
• WIRE-20824: Fixed a crash when a Wirecast Go source disconnects while in the Live
• WIRE-20821: Fixed a rare crash when switching between media files.
• WIRE-20817: Fixed blank frames being added to certain media files.
• WIRE-20800: Fixed a rare crash when playing media files.
• WIRE-20308: Fixed an issue where the NDI source process would remain running after quitting Wirecast.

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