ScreenFlow 9.0.5 Released August 25, 2020

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Link to PDF Release Notes

9.0.5 - Improvements & Fixes
 ● IMPROVED – Ability to customize start position of Clock Wipe transition
● IMPROVED – Add more saving logging to ScreenFlow for potential saving issue diagnosis.
● IMPROVED – Add trace logging for tracking potential recording issue diagnosis.
● IMPROVED – Localize the google security text that appears within the YouTube publishing window
● IMPROVED – Option to set export resolution to 4K
● IMPROVED – Prompt the user when a proxy is unable to be created due to cache limit size

● FIXED – 9.0.5 (31554) build shows an Async Readback crash when trying to export
● FIXED – Annotation color does not update correctly when changing color using the color picker boxes
● FIXED – Annotation thumbnails show as white boxes
● FIXED – Background color and text box background same in canvas, different on export.
● FIXED – Batch export does not work with "Single File Documents"
● FIXED – Document crashes ScreenFlow: net.telestream.screenflow.thumbnailgenerator
● FIXED – Dragging an unsupported media file over the timeline can sometimes show a blank unable to import error
● FIXED – Freehand annotation does not appear correctly after being drawn
● FIXED – In/Out points are not being recognized correctly when adding from Clip Editor to a Timeline that has a different fps
● FIXED – Mac Pro: Crash when adding or selecting a text box
● FIXED – Mac Pro: Crash when selecting an annotation on the timeline
● FIXED – Real time audio degrades and disappears after 15 minutes
● FIXED – Selecting a partial size option after first selecting 3840x2160 option causes the selection to move off screen
● FIXED – Templates do not save correctly when default save is set to Single File Format
● FIXED – Text box background not matching color on screen recording and export
● FIXED – Text box thumbnails not appearing in the timeline
● FIXED – Unable to drag a single file document onto the Batch Export window
● FIXED – Using Keyboard shortcut for partial screen recording twice consecutively puts computer/screen in an odd state
● FIXED – Using media files from the Global Library in combination with the Clip Editor causes ScreenFlow to crash/show a Runtime Error
● FIXED – Video freezes/shows a freeze frame when adding a Video Filter to a media file that has had a proxy made

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