Quite often after shutting down Wirecast a process Wirecastd stays and consumes a lot of CPU cycles. The cure is to cold boot the Mac mini M1 or go into activity monitor and kill it. Using a Macmini M1, 16 gb of ram and 512 gb ssd. Anyone seeing this and why should it be happening? This happens on both our Mac mini M1s with Wirecast. I think this is a reason for Wirecast crashing on us occasionally.

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  • Sorry, I forgot to mention this is the latest version 15 of Wirecast and the latest MacOS. This was happening in the previous MacOs version.

  • John Merrill said:
    Anyone seeing this

     Yes, we've had a number of reports. You don't mention the one thing the others do.
    They are using NDI. If you're not, this might be another variant.

    Please describe all the resources being used in the document.
    Confirm that you are using Wirecast 15.0.1
    Confirm the macOS version.
    People miss updates so we need version numbers rather than "latest." 

    Once I have that I'll start the investigation (if not using NDI) or add to the investigation (if you're using NDI).

  • Camera inputs are NDI, input from Proclaim(media presentation ) is NDI. 

    Wirecast 15.0.1.           MacOS 12.4

  • Any progress on this problem? I'm now using 15.0.3 and the problem still exists.

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      • CraigS
      • 11 days ago
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      John Merrill WIRE-20356, and WIRE-20308 are still being worked on. NDI is a factor and we're working to address that.

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