Wirecast / system stats in multiview

Earlier this week I experienced an internet failure while livestreaming with Wirecast. While Wirecast did 'alert' (flashing stream icon), this went unnoticed as I was mainly focused on the multiview monitor.

That made me wonder if it would be somehow possible to display important Wirecast and/or system stats in one of the multiview frames. Basically like the BMD ATEM Mini models do.

To emulate this, I tried to Screen Capture the Wirecast Output Statistics window, and display it as source in one of the multiview frames. However it seems impossible to capture Wirecast windows that way, as Wirecast itself does not show up when configuring a Screen Capture.

A workaround is to use NewTek's NDI Scan Converter to capture the Wirecast Output Statistics window and feed the resulting NDI source back into Wirecast. This works pretty well, but is a waste of system resources.

Hence this feature request. A nice little display with stream health, disk space and CPU usage for example would be really good to have. Ideally one can select which multiview frame to display the info in, or disable it completely as to not sacrifice a multiview frame.

Ideally the statistics would alert the user when something goes wrong (like a failing connection, CPU overload, etc). Perhaps a red flash or something to attract attention when there is a problem.

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  • Do you have or can you mockup a visual example (even if it's an ATEM screenshot)? Developers would want to see this. 
    Investigating Feature Request WIRE-20380

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