Difference between streaming encoders?


What are the main differences between 3 encoders in WC 14 on a Mac?
You can select between H.264, x264 and ProRes.

User guide only gives extra information about H.264 vs x264 -->

"The x264 implementation of the H.264 standard results in better quality and lower CPU usage for any given bitrate, but at the cost of higher memory usage. The default implementation is based on the MainConcept codec and uses less memory."

So we are using 2019 MBP with i9 and 16gb ram for 1080p streaming so is x264 good choice or does ProRes offer something better?

I would guess ProRes is best when using Mac?

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  • Apple H.264 will provide lower CPU use since it uses the equivalent of Intel QuickSync but has widely varying bandwidth and needs higher data rates than similar x264.

    X264 provides of a lot of control over quality and other aspects needed by certain CDNs.

    ProRes is used for near-lossless recording for high-quality post-production work. The files are very large though. You would NEVER stream using ProRes.

    • CraigS 

      Thanks for clearing these things.

      I think you should add this important information for the next user guide version.

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      • CraigS
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      Sampsa Halmesaari It probably needs a much better explanation for sure.

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