Getting issues in High Pixelated Pic but, Low Resolution shows fine right results. Why?

Hello Everyone, 

while using company logo in the top right corner of a stream (like any TV branding). The funny thing I do not understand:

Using a high res picture that I scale down to fit nicely in the corner will look very pixelated in the preview/stream/recording. Maybe it seems silly.  

If I pre-resize the picture to the size actually used in the stream, it looks much better.

Why is this? Shouldn't resizing pictures (making them smaller) be a very simple task for a professional software?

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  • There's a lot of variables so I can't comment without more details.
    Please describe as a reproducible workflow using Wirecast 14.2.1.
    Realtime scaling can depend on source size, codec, scaled size, encoder settings.
    The best place to judge is in the Live Broadcast Area as that it Wirecast processing before encoding. Using a high resolution (depending on what you mean by that) may actually make it worse. Video, compared to print, is a very low-resolution medium.

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