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I work at a church and the past few Sundays we have had trouble with our Facebook LIVE stream. We stream to Facebook and YouTube and have been doing so since the beginning of the pandemic.

The past few weeks we have had a lot of skipping on our Facebook LIVE feed. However, our stream to YouTube has had no problems. We were streaming to both platforms for several weeks with no issues. We didn't change any settings but out of the blue Facebook started acting up.

Is there something that has changed with Facebook recently that I'm unaware of? Or how can I resolve this issue?

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  • Jordan Jackson said:
    Is there something that has changed with Facebook

     Facebook has undergone some changes. 
    Make sure you're using Wirecast 14.1.1 Windows or 14.1.2 Mac. Create a new document and test. Please make sure to use one of our Facebook encoder presets unaltered.

  • So we've still been having issues with Facebook skipping and freezing. It's been taking a long time for it to optimize. At first it would only take a couple minutes but I tested it yesterday and it took over 2 hours to optimize. Do you know what might be happening to make this take so long?

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      Jordan Jackson Internet connection?
      If Wirecast Live Area is good then perhaps you're having ISP-related issues. It's best to use our Facebook Optimize Connection to get the best server. If it's taking a long time then you may have an internet connection issue or Facebook is having issues.

      You need to run a test to confirm your upload bandwidth and packet loss.

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