Export has errors that aren't in the project

I have the problem that there are render errors in the final exported video but when I watch the video in Screenflow, everything works fine but the export looks buggy. Important note: These errors only occur with actions that I have set in Screenflow.
I have attached an example: 
In video 1 you can see that the image stutters during the animation. 
In video 2 I "filmed" it directly in Screenflow. Here it does not stutter. I can't attach the project file because it's bigger than 50mb. If you need it, I can upload it elsewhere.

I have similar problems with actions that affect the drop shadow. The drop shadow flashes at the end of the action (see video 3). What can I do to make the final export file look as good as in Screenflow itself?

Thanks in advance and thanks for this amazing software! I was never more happy with a software than with Screenflow. It's great!



Technical Details:
ScreenFlow version: Tried it in 9.0.3 as well as 9.0.5. I only attached the renders of 9.0.5. I'm not using the Mac App Store version.

Computer Hardware: Macbook Pro 16-inch 2019, 2,6 GHz i7, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB

Export Settings: Used the Web - High-Preset. Set it to 60 fps and multiple runs ("Mehrere Durchgänge" in German, don't know if it's the correct translation. I attached a screenshot though)

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    I can see what looks like scan line jitter in video 1 and I see the drop shadow change in intensity (the flash) in video 3.

    What is your Canvas Size?
    That will let me know if there's scaling involved.
    What macOS are you using?

    Try exporting the problem videos with the ProRes 422 preset set to 60 fps. 
    Look at those files and see if the same issue is present. 
    This will let us know if it's the H.264 encoder.

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