Audio Echo problem

We have replaced a dying PC used for streaming with a new one.

Our problem: We have an audio echo we cannot seem to get rid of.

Our system: Gigabyte B460M Micro-ATX motherboard, 16gb ram, Intell i7 10700F processor, Realtek audio, GeForce RTX 3060 Video car, Decklink Duo 2 video input card. We are running Wirecast Studio 14.3.

Audio comes into the computer via USB from our house mixer. The Audio Mixer playback is set for system default. The issue remains when we change it to Realtek Speakers.

It took more than an hour to get Wirecast to see the USB feed. Don't know what we did but it finally saw it. And then we had echo. We are using three cameras and a DVD player through the Duo2. All microphones are off.

We have to go live with this Sunday. Looking for answers/solutions, please

Larry Badger

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  • You'd have to look at your complete audio chain including monitoring to determine where the echo is coming from. Often monitoring is leaking back into a source. Cameras have mics and the audio could be coming in through the Duo2.

  • The audio is coming from a recording, not microphones. Computer input is set for usb and output to Realtek speakers. Having trouble tracking it down. Its like we are hearing the usb feed and moments later the output from Wirecast.

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    Larry Badger said:
    output to Realtek speakers.

     The speaker audio may be picked up by the cameras. Bringing in cameras through the Duo usually brings in their audio so you have to disable the audio in any video shot coming in from many Blackmagic devices.

  • Will go through it again tonight. We actually are listening to the output of the computer (Wirecast) through headphones. No speakers hooked up. Thank you.

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      Larry Badger You may want to test doing a local recording.
      Try with a single audio source whether one camera or just a file playback

  • Got it solved. after verifying all mics were silenced, and double checking all Windows settings on the computer, the problem persisted until I deleted the USB shot in Wirecast and loaded a new one. Problem gone.

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