Countdown Switch Shot When Reaching Zero

Would love the ability to automatically transition another predetermined shot live when the timer reaches zero. 


My church typically uses a pre-recorded audio or video clip as the prelude to our service.  Having the ability to countdown to 10am and automatically play this clip would be very useful.

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  • Please do explain further as the developers will need to understand this request.

    Wirecast Playlist has timers the viewers don't see. A shot in a Playlist can play for a certain amount of time and moves to the next shot or a Playlist can play for a certain amount of time and then transition to another shot.

    If you put the Clock graphic in a Playlist and assign a Duration (tiny numbers in the upper left) It will then go to the next shot after it reaches its duration.



    Would the Clock behave like the Playlist feature?

    • Currently, you can put Clock in Playlist
    • Make sure the Duration matches the remaining Clock countdown time.
    • When it reaches that duration it will switch to the next shot in the Playlist.
  • The timer we use is for the viewers to see how much time until we go live.  It always counts down until 10am on Sunday, so I don't have to manually figure out there is a certain amount of time left (Such a great new feature).

    What I would like is the ability to either replace the countdown timer with a message (I posted this as another suggestion) or transition to a different shot. 

    Rather than having to set up a playlist, figure out how much time until 10am, set the timer and then setup the playlist,  it would be great if this was an option in the "at zero" dropdown of the countdown timer.  

  • This is a feature you can do in OBS.  Once the countdown gets to zero it can either:

    show a new cg title (replaces the countdown clock and the text you have with it) (something like "starting soon" or

    switches to either a live camera, video, etc.

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