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I am planning to purchase a Wirecast Pro version to test its functionalities on a laptop with its built-in webcam and an additional USB camera, and later upgrade it to a powerful server with full-blown audio and video capturing devices. I am wondering once my prototype is successful, can I migrate my license to the targeted server , without paying for additional fee? or the license is server sensitive?

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  • You can move the license from system to system as often as you'd like as long as you retain ownership. I can't speak to your specific server setup though.

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  • Hi CraigS,

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply.

    It's a promising answer indeed. I am working on my proof-of-concept Wirecast project and will gather a list of questions for you. As it's late night I can only prepare it tomorrow. So until then.



  • Ken Tam You're welcome of course.

  • CraigS 

    Hi Craigs, greetings

    Implementation: Proof-of-concept and Production

    I am planning to implement Wirecast in two phases; viz. Proof-of-concept and production.

    For the former, we want to minimize on the investment of hardware equipment and photographic fittings. We will start with using:

    1.  An existing i-7 laptop to run a version of Wirecast Pro to test out all the functionalities and to appreciate how it can be applied to our working environments;

    2. Other than using the built-in CAM, we are planning to add one more USB CAM for multi camera effects, please recommend an appropriate brand and model

    3. Optionally, we want to test out the PTZ function and we are willing to invest on a PTZ CAM which can also be used in the future (please recommend an appropriate brand and model), but the prerequisite is WITHOUT adding a capture card or black box just to minimize costs

    We will be appreciated to have your endorsement on this plan and also provide advice if anything is missing out.

    Best regards

  • Ken Tam That all looks reasonable. You mentioned "server" so I should be clear that we don't officially support Wirecast running on Windows Server although it's been done. 

    USB busses can be a limiting factor on laptops. Desktop can add more USB busses through PCIe cards. Many laptops only have one USB bus even though they have multiple ports. 

    For PTZ cameras we work very well with PTZOptics and they have good information specific to Wirecast and some of their cameras allow direct PTZ control within Wirecast. These cameras can work over NDI (ethernet) so capture card isn't needed.

  • CraigS 

    Thanks CraigS, By Server I mean a PC served as a Wirecast server, not Windows Server.

    My understanding is if my PC has only one USB bus, it can only support one USB camera, and the built-in is already that one. For additional USB cameras, I need to connect a Ethernet to USB box. Is this correct?

  • Ken Tam Depending on the USB camera and its settings you can use two but generally a good rule is one USB camera per bus. When adding more USB devices you should make sure the system is seeing them as additional buses. 

  • Hi Craig- I'm wondering how I can migrate a single license from my old mac to my new resetting so I can keep on my windows computer?

  • Spence deactivate on one computer and activate on the other. Our recent licenses are cross-platform. Do you no longer have access to your old Mac? Use the License Reset Tool.

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