Wirecast 4 License Activation

We have been using Wirecast 4.x on an old XP computer.  We need to migrate the licence to a newer PC with Windows 10, but when I go to activate the license on the new PC, it sends me to a page that isn't even telestream, and doesn't provide an activation key.
How do I activate Wirecast 4 on the new PC.

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  • Windows 10 requires Wirecast 6.0.7 as a minimum so 4 wouldn't be compatible.
    Wirecast 4 isn't supported anymore and I suspect the activation server it used was obsoleted as well as we have an entirely different activation system.

    You can upgrade from Wirecast 4 to the current version though which is probably our best bet.

    Since you can't have version 4 activated you can contact Desktop support by email with your version 4 license and we can handle it manually.

  • CraigS 

    It does seem to run fine on WIndows 10, other than the trial watermark.   Is there any way I can get an activation code for what we have?  Short term I need to get back up and running.  We are a non-profit, so would need to get this expense approved. 

  • Jeff Clemmer Contact support as per the link I posted but I don't think we can activate old serial numbers or issue replacements going that far back.

  • Thanks - support was able to help me out.

  • Jeff Clemmer Good to hear.

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