Video Delay on NDI Network Source

So,  I downloaded and installed the Wirecast 13.0.2  30 day trial, on a brand new iMac 27” i5 with 4 GB Radeon card, and 8 GB of RAM, running macOS Mojave 10.14.1

When adding an NDI network source from a laptop running NDI Scan convertor, strangely whenever I try to enter a Video Delay for the NDI source, as soon as I click to another tab or another source, the Video Delay resets to zero.

It appeared to be doing the same thing with an Audio Delay on a USB Audio Codec, until I noticed that Audio Delay works in the Audio Mixer Live Sources section. 

Even more strange I have the same Wirecast trial running on a 2-3 year old MacBook Pro, and it dies not have the same issue.

The only difference between the two machines is that the MacBook Pro was running a Wirecast S trial before I removed it to try the Wirecast 13 trial.

Anyone here have any suggestions of what I need to do to fix this?  Re-install? Upgrade something?

 Any help is appreciated.

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  • I can confirm this as well.
    Please fill out the Wirecast Support Form and we'll send you a case number while we work on the fix.

    You can state that I've confirmed this.
    I tested on an iMac Pro running macOS 10.14.6 and setting an Audio Delay on the USB Audio Codec, going to another shot and back and the delay resets to 0.

    What I've found is that resetting preferences fixes this issue so we may need a copy of your preferences. 

    Go to Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information and use Send Report. Create Support Ticket if you haven't yet otherwise use Link with existing Support Case #.

    After you've done that Quit and Restart Wirecast. Go to Send Support Information again and this time please select the lower left Reset Preferences.

    Once you've done that please confirm that resetting preferences fixed the issue for you as well.

  • Thanks for your Reply Craig.

    I actually already submitted a Support Form, and case Case #00695287, was opened by Shane at Desktop Sales.

    He said he was going to try to do some testing but, as I hadn't heard back from him yet I submitted the issue here in the ForumBee forum as well, on the home that another user may have seen something similar and could offer a fix.

    In any case, I did follow your instructions, and reset the Preferences, and things seem to be working as expected.

    I appreciate your assistance.

  • Remy Fox said:
    In any case, I did follow your instructions, and reset the Preferences, and things seem to be working as expected.

     Since I see the same issue we may need to see what's corrupting the preferences so they have to be reset. We'd need a copy of the problem preferences when the issue happens again.

  • CraigS , sorry but forgot to mention, I did as you asked, and did a Send Support Information, and linked it to the existing case #, 00695287, that Shane opened for me.  I did this before doing the Reset Preferences, so my preferences while the issue was occurring should be contained within this "Send Support Information".


  • Remy Fox Thank for that. That should help,

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