Rendezvous - Persistent session URL for multiple uses over an extended period (i.e. rehearsal & show on separate days)

Be able to have a persistent session URL to send to participants so that you can rehearse within the system days before the actual live stream. Then have them re-join using the same link on a different day.

This would reduce confusion over which link is correct, and also would mean the participants were assigned to the correct sources in the Wirecast show file.

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  • Its funny you mention this today Nick Djukanovic  - I was on a call earlier today with someone who usually uses Wirecast and Skype in a studio, but wants to go mobile with a laptop occasionally. Without the full out-board mixer and standard rig, he was going to look at Rendezvous.

    After explaining the workflow problems with Rendezvous - he gave up very quickly, and got a portable mixer and replicated a smaller version of his live studio for mobile broadcasts.

    This one is a no-brainer, and has been requested years ago. No new code, just a configuration element that will increase the session age as a workaround until the whole join/invite system is overhauled.... but thats another story for another day.

    Greg Kuhnert

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  • Nick Djukanovic  also fill out the feature request form so we can send you a case number and a way for the developers to communicate with you directly.

  • This would be extremely helpful, especially when the guests have low tech literacy. Having to constantly send new links can be a nightmare getting them to select the right one.

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  • Hi. this is similar to the request "schedule rendezvous sessions".

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      Filipe Teixeira Thanks for pointing that out. The more votes they get the greater potential for higher development priority. 

  • We have been using a work around for this by creating an event specific sub-domain off our main web site domain and then just re-direct the rendezvous links when they are created.  This gives our clients the ability to keep one link throughout the entire event life.  It's an extra step for us, but ultimately it's better than peppering clients with new Rendezvous links.  I can't wait for Telestream to update Rendezvous functionality.

  • Jeff James said:
    I can't wait for Telestream to update Rendezvous functionality.

     The developers are looking into making this happen. They are aware of the interest and importance.

  • As many already said, this would be extremely helpful!

    We always do tests a couple of days ahead and need to send out links to participants ahead of time. And a lot of times the not so tech-savvy participants gets links mixed up, and when it it time to go live on showday they are not joining since they are trying an older link etc. 

  • Christopher Berg said:
    As many already said, this would be extremely helpful!

     We are looking at how to implement it.

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