transition in and text + resizing text box

When a transition is added to a text layer, it applies not only to the text but to the all canvas ; could  it be possible to have it limited to the text area (if small than the whole canvas frame). Currently, if a small text is in the corner of a canvas with a transition added only to text, the whole canvas will undergo the transition which it make strange.  Another wish would be to abe able to resize the text box with handles instead of having to enter the font size

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  • Can you explain further?
    I have no issue applying transition to text only without any impact on the background.

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  • Tanks for the reply and the tips. I was using directly a transition at the beginning of the text clip instead of splitting the text clip in two and applying the transition in between. Now it works. Otherwise concerning the increase of size of text, having the possibility to have handles in order to make it bigger without using the side panel ? 

    thanks again.

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  • As for the transitions, it should be noted that some transitions do apply on the whole canvas and not only on the text frame area like flash transition .

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  • thierry brusson Flash transition goes full frame by default.
    You can use the Transition Inspector to adjust aspects of the transition to make it appear smaller.

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  • I found a glitch with the text in 8.1
    using the default cross dissolve transition at beginning and end of a text clip made the text kerning change. unfortunately it wasn't repeatable in another project. I will screencapture if it happens again

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  • Jon Tidey Absolutely post a screen capture. Make sure you note the font and font size. Since you see it in one project but not another perhaps there a variable.

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  • The movement was more obvious in the editor but it's there. I used the gif export function.

    the font is 'gaudy trajan' 96pt but if the bug is happening it will be with any font.


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  • Jon Tidey The link doesn't seem to work for me. I'm getting "Zoinks! You've taken a wrong turn." in imgur.

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