Microsoft Stream Won't Authenticate?


I've been trying to use Wirecast to connect to Microsoft Stream. The software will not connect with the server. I have watched both the Microsoft and Wirecast tutorials, and am not sure where I'm making a mistake.


I start by creating the stream on Microsoft Stream, filling in the details and hit "Start Setup". Now it tells me it's ready for an encoder. I choose "Wirecast", then hit "Launch Encoder". This launches the Wirecast app and tells me a project has been created with the correct output settings (Microsoft Stream: H.264 720p 16:9 1280x720) and server address.


If I immediately hit the "stream" icon, a message will tell me that I am not currently authenticated and to check my output settings. When I go to my output settings, see that they are correct, and hit ok, then try to stream again, it will tell me that it can not connect.


Microsoft Stream does not require a stream key or name, and I am not using Wirecast S.


Any thoughts on ways I can troubleshoot would be much appreciated!

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  • Please read the following thread focusing on the posts from a month ago and pay careful attention to my embedded video.

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  • I noticed you were using RTMPS I have tried that before as well and it doesn't work in Wirecast for Stream.  If you choose a generic RTMP server preset and use a RTMPS url the connection will just blink green.  If you choose a Azure Media Services preset then you get the authentication issue.  Try again but just use the RTMP version, it should work.

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  • scott tupper Thanks for noting that.

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