Wirecast Issues after Windows 10 update

Windows 10 updated on my PC last Friday. Since then I have experienced issues with clicking on buttons within within Wirecast specifically the shot layer properties window. Clicking on a button either doesn't work at all or it is extremely slow.  Especially right clicking. Once I clicked and didn't get a response it would lock up the ability to click anything within wirecast ui. I was having to click out of wirecast and then go back into wirecast. Has this been reported or am I the only one.


If this should be posted in a different section please let me know. thanks, Robby

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  • Please include the specific Windows 10 build number and confirm you're using Wirecast 13.0 which is the current version. Please test in a new document if you're using a document from an older version. Also include computer specs especially GPU and CPU.

  • CraigS I am not using wirecast 13. Should I update. I am always worried about issues/bugs in newer versions which is why I haven't. Please advise. Thanks, Robby

  • CraigS I'm using 12.2.1

  • Robby Update with 13.0. If there's a new issue you can regress but 13 actually has a lot of stability improvements. Do test with a new document just in case an old document carries over an issue.

  • CraigS will do. thank you

  • Robby You're welcome of course. We've fixed some issues present with 12.2.1 in 13.0.

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