Wirecast Instant Replay Slow Motion Preset Request

Hi there,

I have been using wirecast for soemtime now and it is great product no doubt in that However many sports streamers like us would to have the instant replay in slow motion preset. currently the replay we have to manually change every time to the speed required but it would be great to have a preset where we could define default as 0.5x speed or so. This will really enable many live sports streaming people and companies to use wirecast. Thank you and lookforward to hear from you.

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  • I think other users may be interested in this as well.
    Please do fill out the Feature Request Form so we can log it and give you a case number.  Others who like this should add their vote of support here so we can track interest.

    Don't forget to vote for your own request.

  • There's also a related request for Slow Motion ISO recording .

  • CraigS CraigS Thanks. Have submitted the request form. 

  • Dharmichand Mulewa  You're welcome of course.

  • Yes, I have to manually set the speed to 20% or 33% on every replay

  • Richard Zultner  If you support please vote. The developers look at those totals rather than the posts initially. 

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  • I'm looking to get the X Keys hotkey board and program those instant replay functions for high school football. Once you add this slow instant replay I can ditch my Tricaster and buy a new Wirecast 210 SDI/NDI Streaming Bundle.

  • Brad Pond Thanks for that. It's for the developers to know features like this can determine purchase decisions.

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  • Hello, same for me here, I am streaming football and I need to broadcast replays in slow mo, so I am looking for an automatic speed setting for all my replays. I have votes and sent a request form to ask for this feature, waiting for an answer. 

  • Thomas Armelin Thanks for doing that. There certainly does seem to be interest in this.

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