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I am looking at the XML for virtual sets, to try to make them more usable. For example, to put placeholders in the correct positions. I have reverse engineered most of the things I need - but I find I have some XML attributes left over that I do not understand the function or purpose of.

Could anyone explain end_scale and end_position? And what is the difference between these and say ro_user_scale and obj_pos ???


Also, is it possible to set in a template attributes like audio mute for a placeholder that will be honoured when the placeholder is replaced? Or on the flip side - something to hide the image, but allow the audio?

Lastly. I would love it if I could indicate in a placeholder that a template object should be chromakey'd when replaced. This would save a lot of clicks later on...


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  • Since we don't officially supporting editing our XML we may not provide that information. Of course an end user who has done this can certainly reply. 

    If there's something you'd like us to change you could submit a feature request but you have may have done that regarding virtual sets already. 

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