ONVIF 2.4 compatibility

With Wirecast Pro 9.0 now using its software to control PTZ cameras.  A high number of these cameras on the market use ONVIF.  The current use of VISCA is limited to cameras costing more than the software used to control it.

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  • Wirecast is generally ONVIF compatible. Are there specific ONVIF 2.4.x features you'd like to see implemented? Development consideration can be impacted by user input so please do request specific features you're seeing in 2.4.x.

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  • CraigS 

    Really? With the same ability to call up shots like the PTZ Optics camera.  I see this in the user guide:

    The PTZ Controller enables you to control PTZOptics brand cameras. This feature is implemented using the VISCA-over-IP protocol, an IP-based protocol which sends specific camera control commands to the camera to change Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Exposure, and White Balance.

    I don’t understand what is meant by generally.  Can Wirecast control an Amcreast PTZ camera whose controller protocol is ONVIF?  If so, how?

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  • Kit Kinchen Wirecast can only control (move camera) PTZOptics at the moment but they may consider adding other cameras.

    Currently ONVIF support is basically auto detection in Wirecast.

    Please do make the feature request and mention ONVIF 2.4.x. In case the developers have to prioritize camera development mention Amcrest specifically.
    Wirecast Feature Request


    Do read this link

    In the web stream configuration dialogue box, enter the following:

    Protocol: RTSP
    Stream Options: Auto-Detect
    Format Options: Auto-Detect
    URI: rtsp://(IP address, which you can obtain from the Amcrest IP Config application):554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0
    Stream Authentication: Enter Username and Password (by default this will be username: admin and password: admin)
    Once you click the connect button, you should see video unless the camera and your computer are not connected to the same local area network.

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  • CraigS done

    The issue is compatibility that I’m referring to.

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  • Kit Kinchen Wirecast should recognize the IP cameras using ONVIF. It would not have camera controls though.

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  • Should? Recognize?  Does Wirecast have incorporated ONVIF compatibility? The point of this conversation is to request control other PTZ cameras within Wirecast. 

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  • Kit Kinchen Wirecast supports ONVIF camera recognition and input. It doesn't include PTZ camera controls.

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  • PTZ camera controls could be very easily integrated into Wirecast if the developers wanted to do it.


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  • Matthew F. Reyes PTZ controls are integrated with Wirecast 10 specifically with PTZOptics but may work with others that support VISCA over IP control. It's on the bottom of the Wirecast Product page.


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