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I'd like if ScreenFlow would default the category to the most recent YouTube category I published to, rather than having to pick the category every time.

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  • I can see the convenience in that. Please do fill out the feature request form.
    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

  • I have filled out the feature request form for the same functionality - is there any update on this? 

  • Siraj Samsudeen Once you have your case number you can respond by email requesting a status update.

  • In my case YouTube seems to remember the last category I published to. Is this not happening for you?

  • Frank Lowney It doesn't remember it for me either. ScreenFlow 6.2.

  • Yes, i have SF 6.2 too and it defaults to the first category. And I fill up the same category and tag for all the videos - it would be helpful to have them remembered. Or to have a default settings in Preferences pane. 

  • Siraj Samsudeen Please do make the suggestion. If you have a case number you can always add to it by responding by email with case number and note that you have additional suggestions. The more the developers can understand what the users want in detail, the better as they investigate possible improvements.

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