Wirecast Virtual output to Skype, not available in calls

  • Windows 7 (7601)
  • WirecastPro 6.0.8
  • HP Zbook17 i7-4930MX @3.00GHz 32Gb ram
  • Wirecast Canvas size 720p

I am trying to send my Wirecast output into a Skype call. I have the Wirecast virtual camera out set to HD720p with Virtual Microphone enabled as well.


In skype the settings I see look good and I have picture.

Even when I'm starting a call I can see the Virtual Camera before the call answers.

But when the call connects the virtual camera feed stops and goes away and the enable video icon turns to this and I cant start it back up.

The virtual microphone still works and I can hear the Wirecast output but don't have video.


Is this even a Wirecast problem? Is this a Skype issue? I don't think it is a bandwidth issue the other end of the call is able to send video back. 

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  • It does sound like a connection or bandwidth problem.
    What I do for testing is I have two Skype accounts and try calling myself from one computer to the other.
    If you can't do that see if there's someone else you can call and test with.

  • That is what I was doing. Although the Skype account I was calling was to an ipad on wifi as it was the only device available with skype on it. The iPad was also transmitting video back to the PC with wirecast and skype running so bandwidth couldn't have been that limited.

  • It might be related to the version of Skype on the iPad or its ability to receive video. Please test with a second computer if possible.

  • Went back and did some more testing and I was able to call into a Newtek Talkshow just fine with picture and sound going both ways. Looks like it was just an incompatibility with Skype on the iPad.


    Marked as Solved. Thanks.

  • Thanks for following up. 

  • Hi guys, I am using Wirecast 6.0.8 and Skype 7.26. I have the exact same issue. I am calling someone ELSE who also is using skype 7.26.  He is also using a virtual camera software that sends video to ME, perfectly fine. HOWEVER, when I attempt to send Wirecast virtual cam to him, my skype video icon greys out and no video is sent.  When I send video from Manycam for instance, its fine, no issues ever, but I'm NOT using that at the moment.  I'm also using Windows 7 Ultimate. So... no ipad is being used HERE. What could be the issue? We have a ridiculous amount of bandwidth:)  

  • Yvilene 

    First start Wirecast and setup your shots. In Wirecast > Output > Virtual Camera enable Start. Ideally your Canvas should be as standard frame size such as 1280x720 so please check that.

    In Skype > Tools > Options > Video Settings
    select Wirecast Virtual Camera and make sure you see Wirecast's output.

    In the example below on Windows 7, Wirecast 6.0.8, Skype 7.26, I am sending a Wirecast graphic via Virtual Camera.


  • Hi Craig yes, thanks, that's exactly what I was describing. I can see my virtual cam output in skype and in wirecast, but the caller cannot see it. I was already following these exact steps. 


  • Yvilene As long as you see that and make sure camera is enable when you make the call (and you see your camera in the lower left) then the problem would be on the guest's side.

  • Yvilene  Windows 7, Wirecast 6.0.8 using Virtual Set as picture and Virtual Camera on and in Skype 7.26, making a call. Camera is enabled in Skype and you can see the Wirecast Virtual Set picture while making the call to my other Skype line.


  • your image shows the video icon is NOT greyed out. Mine DOES grey out. I said that in my initial post. Why is it everyone who posts here seems to have to repeat their point after its repeated by the support person as if the original poster never said it in the first place? I SAID THAT ALREADY. lol It doesn't START that way, I actually see it change to greyed out status even though I can see the wirecast video just as in your image agove.  So.... ?


  • Yvilene  If you can see the video in Skype Video Settings than Virtual Camera is working. If the camera is greyed out that would mean they are not accepting the video. The problem would be on their end. They have to check their settings and connection. 

  • ARGH...I'm pulling my hair out with this issue:

    As described above, while using Wirecast (; 64-bit; Windows 10 Anniversary) I'm trying to use Virtual Camera Out (Standard HD 720p) through Skype ( My canvas and virtual out match!

    It was working a fortnight ago...and now the video icon keeps getting a stroke through it. The person who I am calling can hear me clearly; and I can see and hear them. I have tried scaling the outgoing video right back to 320x240 with no joy. I don't believe it is a bandwidth issue!

    Please note that I have another problem (which may well be related): when I am in Wirecast, and Skype and the same time, I am unable to use Skype. That is, if I click on tools, it doesn't do anything. I have to quit Wirecast to action anything in Skype. Therefore I cannot verify a live feed from Wirecast virtual cam to Skype (as has been shown above). I hasten to add that this little annoyance has always been the case for me when using Wirecast and Skype together.

    A final point that may (or may not) be helpful. I can use any of my three webcams (which each sit on a separate USB bus) when running directly through Skype...again, I don't believe it is a bandwidth issue.

    I really need a fix for this. Happy to provide further info if required.

  • Daniel Kay you must see Virtual Camera in Skype Tools Video to know it's working. 

    I can confirm Wirecast 7.1 Virtual Camera works with Skype 7.27 on Windows 10.
    If the camera isn't visible when making the call this is often an issue with the settings of the person receiving the call.

  • Daniel Kay Skype can have issues if it was previously set to use a webcam now being used by Wirecast. You may want to start Skype first. Set it to something other than a webcam being used by Wirecast and save that. Then start Wirecast and start Virtual Camera. Start Skype and you should now be able to go into Tools and select Video and select Virtual Camera.

  • Thanks, CraigS . I really appreciate your help with this. Unfortunately, your suggestion hasn't worked though. The moment I open Wirecast, Skype goes all weird and I can't access options etc; and when I close Wirecast, it suddenly allows me to work in Skype again. I've tried uninstalling both programs etc...still to no avail. Please also note that I don't think it is an issue with the person receiving the call, because it has been happening to all of my calls (to different places all over the world).

  • I just tried calling from one of my Skype accounts to another in the same office. The camera using the virtual camera shot for the calling computer keeps turning off once the call is connected.

    Consider the issue confirmed. Please do fill out the form and report it.
    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Daniel Kay BTW I do suspect the problem may be with Skype itself but we are in touch with Microsoft.

  • Working on a hunch...I just uninstalled 7.1 and reinstalled 6.0.7. It works perfectly!

    I then reinstalled 7.1 over the top of 6.0.7 and the issue returned.

    Does this suggest that there is actually an issue between 7.1 and Skype (at least for my particular PC)?

  • I was using Wirecast 6.0.8 and having the same issue, even after confirming the caller on the other end was accepting video from everyone.  Since this is now apparently an issue, should I also fill out the form or is one person doing that enough? 

  • Each of you fill out the form and include the version(s) of Wirecast tested, the Skype version, the OS version(s).

  • Completed the form yesterday! Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!

  • Just got a reply from tech support: 

    "It's possible, I'm not seeing that problem here on my machines. Could be just a fluke on your machine. I'd create a new document and reset the preferences and try it."

    CraigS , do you have any influence with tech support? Can you draw their attention to this issue...noting that you have replicated and confirmed the problem?

  • Please link to this forum thread so they can see I've tested it. They must actually make the call. Virtual camera shows up in Skype but once the call is connected, Skype disengages the camera.

  • Form filled out and linked to this thread.

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