Capturing Remote Desktop On Local Network ?


I am trying to get a shot of the desktop from a remote computer on my local network but it is not working.

I have installed Desktop Presenter on the machine that Wirecast is installed on and I can capture the desktop of this machine (IP However, when I try to change the local IP address to the remote machine (IP it does not work.

When I start Desktop Presenter on the machine that Wirecast is installed on I get a pop up message box indicating that a firewall has been detected, it is unable to accept incoming connections and to edit my firewall settings to allow Desktop Presenter to accept connection on port 7272.

I have tried editing the firewall and also turned the firewall off completely but still cannot capture a shot from the remote desktop on my local network. Do I need to have Desktop Presenter and Wirecast running on both machines ?


My software versions are:

Wirecast 4.3.0

Desktop Presenter 2.0.4

O/S Windows 7 64 bit


Any help most appreciated


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  • Desktop Presenter only needs to be running on the remote machine. Given the popup there's something blocking the port. You may want to install Apple Bonjour on both machines which, if working properly, should detect the remote machine automatically.

    Perhaps you need to reboot all computers and routers/switches involved to get the new IP address recognized from end to end.

    There was one more update in the Wirecast 4 series before development ended. You should update to 4.3.1 on the left side of the linked page.
    Wirecast updates

  • Craig,

    Thx for the reply, which is the remote machine?

    Is remote machine the machine whose desktop I wish to capture or is remote machine the machine I have my Wirecast installed on?



  • The remote machine is the machine running Desktop Presenter that you want to capture. The local machine is your Wirecast machine.

    Desktop Presenter on the remote machine shows you the IP address of that machine. Anything you do to the IP address must be done before starting Desktop Presenter. Keep in mind the network needs to recognize the IP address as well and that may also mean rebooting the router or switch or making changes there as well depending how you have things setup. 

    If you install Apple Bonjour on both machines and reboot, the IP address is automatically detected if you start DTP on the Remote machine followed by Wirecast on the local machine.

  • Please, must I be connected to the internet before I can use desktop presenter or with my local Ethernet connection?

  • It just needs to be on Local Network (LAN) and same Subnet. Port 7272 must be open.

  • I too am having trouble accessing desktop presenter on a remote computer. I can see the machine, I have mapped to the machine, I am on the same network, but cannot get DTP to see the computer and screens. What am I missing?

  • B Ingram please make sure you're using Desktop Presenter 2.0.8 and port 7272 is open. Make sure you've got the correct IP address or that it's detected automatically. Windows 10 has some issues (Microsoft's not ours) so one may have to set it to capture the entire screen. Some program windows can't be captured.

  • Try connecting remotely to machines using tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers etc. These work from behind the firewall, thus providing better security plus easy remote desktop connectivity.

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