Powerpoint 2016 can't play audio

I have flip4mac installed on my wife's macbook air. I bought the pro license and should be able to play powerpoint without an issue, however I cannot. I get a codec unavailable message whenever I try to get the slideshow to play. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She's a student and needs to be able to watch the powerpoint presentations.

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  • Are you attempted to play them in Quicktime or Flip Player?
    Try our free Switch Player which can also use Flip4Mac. Left side is the free version.
    Switch Player

  • It wont let me open them in flip player. I was trying to run them in powerpoint itself.  She receives a presentation from her professor and when we try to play them in powerpoint we don't get any sound. Should I be doing something differently to view the powerpoint presentation?

  • Please do explain. Are these WMV files or is this a PowerPoint with embedded WMV files?

    You may want to test a WMV independent first in Flip Player.

    Please include the version of Flip4Mac, PowerPoint and MacOS.

  • I have a similar problem:  Flip4Mac,  QuickTime Player 10.4 & PowerPoint 15.28 (which is 2016).  wmv files open OK.  When inserted into PowerPoint I get video only, no audio.

  • Forgot to include that I am using macOS Sierra  10.12.1

  • Ivan You don't mention which type of Flip4Mac you have. You may need Player Pro for Powerpoint playback. 


    Unique PowerPoint and Keynote integration  

    Player Pro ↑

    Only Flip4Mac provides a seamless Windows Media integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote presentations. Both PowerPoint and Keynote can access and play Windows Media files through Flip4Mac*. It is also possible to import Windows Media files into PowerPoint and Keynote and save them as PowerPoint presentations so they can be viewed on a Windows PC.

  • Ivan Although that you're getting video but not audio is odd.

    Please do fill out the form and report the issue. Also include the type of Flip4Mac you have.

    Flip4Mac support form

  • CraigS Hi Craig,  Thanks for the reply.  It just seems to be called FlipPlayer,  looks like version  I purchased it yesterday.  It sounds like I need to upgrade to Player Pro in order to have it work with PowerPoint.

  • CraigS Well I purchased Flip4Mac Player Pro (Upgrade), received a new serial number, copy & pasted as per instruction, hit Activate.  The serial number updated but I can't see the new software anywhere?  The previous Player is still in my Applications.

  • Ivan the activation unlocks new features so there's no actual change in the software. Make sure you reboot the computer first.

    Go to System Preferences and Flip4Mac, open it and look under "Upgrade" and it will say either Flip4Mac Player or Flip4Mac Player Pro. It should say the latter of course.

    I have Studio Pro (of course) so it looks like this. Yours would say Flip4Mac Player Pro

  • Thanks Craig

    I do see Player Pro there.  Still when I insert wmv's into PowerPoint they don't play properly (no audio) but if I insert mpeg's they work fine.  Is Flip4Mac supposed to do this automatically in the back ground or is there something I need to be doing?

  • Ivan Flip4Mac should handle it in the background.
    Can you try detaching or duplicating the file and playing in Flip Player?
    It's possible the audio isn't compatible.
    If you can link to the WMV I can test on my system and determine what the audio codec is.

  • CraigS Hi Craig,

    The videos all open and play properly in Flip4Mac.  It's only when I insert them into PowerPoint 2016 for Mac that I lose the audio.  I didn't have this problem with PowerPoint 2011 and at that time I was using the free Flip Player.

    I get a window in PowerPoint, after hitting insert and selecting the file, that says it is converting the file, not sure why.

    Spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft Support, no idea.

    The mpegs work OK.

  • Ivan OK, that sounds like in issue if Flip4Mac can play both video and audio directly but no audio in PowerPoint.

    Fill out the Support Form and link to this forum thread.

    Flip4Mac Support Form


  • CraigS - Has this issue been resolved? I am having the same issue. I bought the pro version specifically to enable me to play .wmv files in Powerpoint for Mac. Still no luck! Disappointing.

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  •  Angel Jones This is due to changes Apple made. Flip4Mac is currently not compatible with Sierra. Please do fill out the form and explain though.

  • So it sounds like this isn't an issue that moving to Pro will resolve? We're having the same problem in our shop. Is there a timeframe for a fix yet?

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  • CraigS Is a fix planned? And indeed I do need to purchase pro when I do purchase?

  • Christopher Brown No since this is related to the OS.

  • Tara Isaacs We're investigating solutions but the OS is under Apple's control.

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