“Internal validation error” after Copy+Paste


  1. iMac 13,2 (2560x1440) with 32 GB internal
  2. OS X 10.11.4
  3. ScreenFlow 5.0.5 (26488) – from the Mac App Store
  4. recording only from built-in iMac screen, with computer audio
  5. 1 TB SSD, with 9.6 GB free disk space
  6. no additional screens connected

Steps to reproduce:

  1. take a screen capture
  2. split it up in multiple sections
  3. duplicate one section, e.g. the last one (Cmd-C / Cmd-V)
  4. save (Cmd-S)

Expected results:

  1. File is saved.
  2. There is no error message.

Actual results:

  1. The file is not save.
  2. Error message: “The document could not be saved” with detail message:

ScreenFlow encountered an internal validation error preventing it from saving the document.  Please try undoing your recent actions and then contact technical support with this message. "Clip Duration is not quantized correctly"

Send me a private message (via email?) if you want a link to the screenflow source file.

Please let me know if there is a log file I can get some more relevant information from.

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  • 1 TB SSD, with 9.6 GB free disk space

    It's possible the issue is related to the lack of free space. Generally you want about 20% free space for the OS and temp space to have room to work. That would be about 200 GB.

    I'd recommend undoing the copy/paste and see if you can save the project and close ScreenFlow. Then I'd work on freeing up some free space on that drive and trying again.  One thing that might help is moving any or all of Photos, Documents, Downloads to an external drive to make sure the internal SSD has the space to work.

  • It's not the available space. It was due to the changing of the audio speed. After I messed with that (and then reset to 100%) the project was in an unstable state (several different operations resulted in a similar verification error). Once I copied the file, removed everything from the timeline and then put the media back in, things were stable again.

    Again, I can provide the Screenflow project if you want to investigate. I still have the original one that is in an unstable state.

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  • In your original post you made no mention of speed changes. I can only evaluate based on the information provided. 

    I can't discount the lack of available space because modifying the clips may involve access the media and hard drive buffering.

    It's possible the project itself is corrupted. Try creating a new blank project, copying a single clip into it. create an audio speed change and save it. That will determine if the speed change itself is the issue.


    If this is a screen capture only and you are only changing the speed of the audio then please note you are detaching the audio since it would capture video and audio as one file.

  • Sorry, I should have mentioned I had been playing with the audio speed. At first I didn't think about it and thought it to be irrelevant. Only after posting the issue it occurred to me this might be related. My conclusion now, in hindsight, is that that is indeed the probable root cause.

    The audio is from the computer (from another application), it's not from any microphone.

    For me my issue is now resolved. Thanks for the support.

  • If you would like, you can send me a forum private message with a link to your project. I can test it on my system and that could determine whether there is a system based issue.

  • Testing with my own project.

    I screen capture a YouTube video. I split the clip in three places. I copy the first section and then paste it at the end. I save. This seems to be similar to your first series of steps. This works. 

    I screen capture a YouTube video. I detach the audio. I change the audio clip speed to 150%. I save. This works. I repeat the above but change the audio clip speed to 50% so it is longer than the video. I save. Although I don't have your steps for this, this would be two scenarios. This works.

  • Sorry to hear that you've encountered this issue Ernst de Haan, it has been addressed in an unreleased version of the application. Stay tuned, we'll be sure to announce any updates here on the forums. 

    CraigS Refer to FLOW-5026 for additional information. 

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  • Thank you Rory Maloney 

  • Rory Maloney  Thanks for the confirmation.

  • Hi there - when will this new version be released?  I'm getting this error every now and again when timestretching clips (something we really should be able to do without incident).  Even if the error message told us which clip was causing the problem, that would be beneficial, as I cannot go back through my project deleting clips to see which is causing the problem.

    Is it possible to install a beta version with this fix?

    I am trying to continue to use Screenflow in our company, but our US office use Camtasia, and it does seem to be more stable.


  • Rory Maloney Is this resolved in ScreenFlow 6.0 ?

  • Ernst de Haan It's fixed in ScreenFlow 6.0. Download the free trial and give it a try.

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  • CraigS Thanks for the confirmation. Purchased.

  • Ernst de Haan You're welcome of course and always at your service.

  • I have the same problem. I just want to be able to copy and paste but it keeps going into @not responding" mode and I lose it all. I dont have speed changes but a lot of small clips and callouts. I can do it if only a few clips but not the ammount I need.. this projekt will take me forever if I cant fix this. Please advise! Screenflow is the biggest test of my patiens ever enountered in my shortlived techy life! Could I maybe have the updates version that works? Please!

  • Lisa Ojland as noted above this is fixed in ScreenFlow 6, now at version 6.1. Please test and confirm in the current version.

  • Re the disk space issues that are more prevalent with SSD boot volumes, it may be appropriate to change the Capture/Scratch Disk from the default Startup Volume to another disk. This is done in the Advanced pane of ScreenFlow Preferences.

    If you are intent upon retaining the speed of your SSD for this kind of thing as I am, you may want to consider moving your User folder to a larger conventional disk. This could release a lot of disk space.

  • 1. Open a new document in parallel

    2. Save new document as a new name

    3. Copy and paste the content from bad document into new tracks in the new doc

    4. Un-nest all tracks

    5. Delete your video content wisely (half first) in chunks. after each delete try and save.

    6. The moment you are able to save successfully....undo deletion with Command Z. Be aware that the problematic clip is in that section.

    7. Isolate the problem to a single clip.

    8. Return to original document and eliminate the problematic clip

    9. Problem solved... you can now save the original document.

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  • Still having this issue some 2 years later.  Perform normal operations and seemingly the project cannot then be saved.  Really unhelpful.

    I'm on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.3 and the latest version of Screenflow 9 (9.0.3).  I have plenty of hard drive space where the project file is.  It's a packaged project too if that helps.  I have just my screen and one track of audio.  I'm simply trimming clips and adding basic annotations, transitions and text boxes.  There's one small portion of the video where I changed the clip speed to 348% and removed the associated audio.

    This shouldn't be happening and it's costing us a lot of time as we can't save our projects without lengthy workarounds or undoing work!

    Please can someone advise?

  • Alex Cameron It's a very rare occurrence (no one has posted to this thread in two years).  We'd need to know the exact steps to reproduce. Would you be able to do a recording walking through the steps and causing the problem?

  • I have this problem frequently. It is beyond frustrating.  It causes the loss of hours of work. 

  • pacaguy If you'd like help you'd need to provide specific details.

  • I lost 5 hours of work. This crashing software did this to me three times. I'm beyond upset. I cannot work anymore. 

  • David McCoy I'd like to help but you have to provide technical information.
    Please make sure you've updated to ScreenFlow 9.0.4.

  • I'm on the latest version and here we are again. Another hour lost

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