Flip Video "This is A Demo" Voice Interferring With Video Play

Purchased a new license for Flip Player (for Mac) Version   (182188) about a month ago. Every time I try to open a Movie previously created by my Flip Video Camera, it will play but only with a Voiceover saying "This is a demonstration of Flip For Mac and with a "watermark" overlapping my movie". How can I get rid of the demo interference?

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  • Please go to System Preference Pane and open Flip4Mac and go to Upgrade tab and make sure you see the Serial Number. It's possible it became deactivated.

  • Hi Craig. The Serial Number is indeed visible. What else can we do to fix this issue?

  • Would you be able to send me a link to the file so I can test on my system? That'll help me determine if it's file compatibility or a system issue.

  • I have the same issue.  Serial number is visible but Demo voice is still there, no matter what export is done.

  • Hi there

    I get this issue too with certain files. I am about to begin a very important series of interviews using an Olympus recorder. I am very nervous that this ridiculous watermark will appear on my data. I have purchased your software this should not be happening. Please can someone help me?



  • Daniel Craddock What operating system and how are you playing the files?
    Please try them directly in Flip Player.
    Please go to System Preferences, Flip4Mac and Upgrade button and make sure the license is activated (serial number listed).

  • Samuel Jimenez What OS and What Player? Please test in Flip Player. What is the source of the file?

  • CraigS Hello Craig, Version 10.12.6 Sierra.  It was a windows media player file. Converting it to any other format still keeps the Flip for Mac audio demo.

  • Samuel Jimenez I can send it to you, just let me know how you'd like me to send it.  Thanks

  • Samuel Jimenez Flip4Mac is not compatible with Sierra.
    Flip4Mac currently supports only Mac OS X 10.6.8 thru 10.11.6.


    To convert the file you must have Flip4Mac Player Pro
    Adds the ability to import WMV and WMA files for editing and conversion to QuickTime formats or iOS devices.

    For playback only you should use Flip Player although that might have issues since you are on Sierra.

    If you have a place to host the file (DropBox or similar) you can link to the file here or in a forum private message.

  • Same, longstanding issue. Operating on Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.5 and have already upgraded to Flip4Mac Player Pro Version yet "This is a demonstration of Flip For Mac and with a "watermark" overlapping my movie" prevails. Help!

  • CraigS hi Craig licence is visible but I am on sierra. At no point when I upgraded was I told it did not work on sierra. Can I please have a refund? 

  • Daniel Craddock Sure. Fill out the form and we'll refund.
    Can you explain how you upgraded so we can examine why you didn't see the compatibility notice? Please include that information in the form because so we can see about the notification issue.

    Flip4Mac Support Form

  • Dennis Pitocco As noted above and on our website, Flip4Mac is not compatible with Sierra. As per my previous post please test in Flip Player though (you don't mention how you are playing the file). Also make sure the license is activated in the System Preference Pane > Flip4Mac > Upgrade button.

  • I'll note that in my own testing, I have Flip4Mac running in Sierra 10.12.6 and I can play WMV in Flip Player without watermark. While Flip4Mac is not compatible with Sierra I find I can still play WMV files in Flip Player.

  • See our KBase.



    Flip4Mac 3.3.8 supports Mac OS X 10.6.8 through 10.11.6, at this time we are unable to support Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or 10.13 (High Sierra). 

    If you receive an error that the "Product is not compatible with my system version OS X El Capitan (installation may damage the system)", please uninstall and reinstall Flip4Mac. To do so, please try the following:
    1. To uninstall the software go to Finder>Applications>Flip4Mac> run "Uninstaller.pkg

    To reinstall, please download our latest version of Flip4Mac: http://www.telestream.net/flip4mac/download.htm
    If you continue to have difficulty, please contact our support team.

    Mac OS X 10.12 and 10.13 Users:
    Apple has made changes to the technologies used in it’s operating systems that will not allow Flip4Mac to be supported on macOS Sierra or High Sierra.  Customers that only require Windows Media playback on Mac computers can use Switch Player ($9.99) to play back and convert their content into a format that will be compatible with their computer.

    Those who require the plugin architecture that allows for Windows Media use in Quicktime based applications on their Mac are encouraged not to upgrade to Sierra of High Sierra as these technologies are no longer supported in these versions of the macOS

  • Switch Player ($9.99) will play WMV files in Sierra.

  • Daniel Craddock Perhaps sales/support can crossgrade to Switch Player. You may want to ask if that's possible.

  • CraigS Hi Craig. I tested in Flip Player Pro (license was activated yesterday & system restarted). Second time I've paid for the upgrade to Flip Player Pro. See my entry above from one-year ago. I'd appreciate a refund - thank you!

  • Dennis Pitocco Use the support form I posted previously and we'll get you a refund.

  • Will do Craig - Thanks for the quick response!

  • Dennis Pitocco You're welcome of course.

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