Hello from NewBlue

Hello, my name is Marcus Johnson and I work for NewBlue. We're happy to have so many people who use Titler Live with Wirecast and thought it would be helpful to have a presence on this forum.

If you have any questions, comments, or need technical support with Titler Live or other NewBlue products please let me know, I'll be happy to help.

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  • Welcome aboard!

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  • Hello Marcus, nice to have you here. Some members of the forums (me included) are experiencing random crashes with TitlerLive 4. I´d also appreciate a tutorial on how to integrate TitlerLive, Wirecast and Stream Deck, I cannot figure that out. thanks!

  • Hello Marcus I own Titler Complete 4.. And I want o know how to customize a scoreboard  for my sport of billiards..I want to be able to add different fields etc.. Thank you.. To clarify I'm not talking about changing colors or graphics.. I want to be able to change the fields..

  • Marcus Johnson your presence on this forum was to say hi and bye? we are facing issues with your product and you do not offer responses, and YES, I have submitted tickets through your official support channels.

  • Pablo Fuente I'm sorry that you're experiencing crashes with Titler Live 4. We are working continually to improve it and if you contact our support department we will do our best to assist you. 

    We also did just post a tutorial showing how to use the Stream Deck with Titler Live:


  • Never answered my question either... Im good though, I will try another service...

  • RA HANNA Can you share any alternative?

  • Marcus Johnson No answer so far. Not here nor on your zendesk support.

  • Pablo Fuente Thank you for reaching out to our support department. If you haven't been contacted yet I'm sure someone will be in touch with you shortly.

  • RA HANNA when you open the Title Designer (for example, by right clicking on the scoreboard you  want to change and selecting "Edit") in the upper right corner of the window is a dropdown that says "Add Text." If you select "Variable Text" this will add an additional entry in the Variables tab and a text field that you can position on screen and change the size, look, and color of. 

    This tutorial goes into more detail and hopefully will help you out:


  • Hello Marcus, I have been using Titler (Present 3) from last 2 years, recently while using social media input for live facebook comments, I am unable to get comments. Even if I open new window in browser it does not work. what has changed and I feel frustrated can you help?

  • ShooterGeek You may also want to fill out their support form.

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