DTP does not ask for screenrecording permission on catalina

i use a new Macbook Pro 2019 16" that was delivered with Mac OS Catalina. This is the recording machine that should send the screencapture via Desktop Presenter 2.0.8 (48) to my WirecastPro Machine. The connection to wirecast is no problem. But unfortunatley it shows only a grey screen in Wirecast as the DTP does not ask for permission to record the screen like it is mandatory in Catalina. Is there a way to get the DTP to run again like it did under Mojave?

Thanks in advance!


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  • DTP 2.0.8 does work under Catalina once you give it permission. Tested on 10.15.1
    Asking for Permission
    And in Security & Privacy it's under Screen Recording.
    Once enabled it must be quit and restarted.

    If the popup asking for permission is hidden dismissed you may need to uninstall and reinstall it again if you don't see it as an option to be enabled under Screen Recording.

  • Thanks Craig for the reply.

    I already uninstalled and reinstalled DTP, restarted and so on. I also shut down Alfred and Pathfinder as this was a problem to get the permission request with Screenflow9 - but there is no popup to allow the screen recording. Perhaps there might be any other entries in the library folder or any other preferences that should also be deleted to gain again access to the permission request popup?

  • Carsten Bock As a test, create a New User Admin account, reboot and log into the new account and try starting DTP. Ideally the fresh user preferences and login items might help. 

  • CraigS i just followed this and created a complete new account but this did not fix the problem either :-(

  • Carsten Bock Something in your system is blocking it apparently. 
    Try installing Newtek NDI tools and test NDI Scanconvertor and/or install SienaTV NDI Scanconvertor and see if those work. They may need access to the same permissions so it may indicate how pervasive the issue is on your system.

  • Carsten Bock I'm also noting that Wirecast may need to be open first on your other computer so DTP and NDI Scanconvertor start to screengrab.

  • Carsten Bock 

  • It is a completely new machine build up from scratch. I already set up NDI Scan Converter, Screenflow, Teamviewer, Bartender, Skype - they all installed more or less easy but searching the weg there are lots of people talking of apps that need any crude workarounds to get this dialog to pop up. 

  • CraigS thanks for the last tip - that did change the situation! i started wirecast on my other machine and within the newly created admin account this box popped up. so i enabled it and now everything works well again! Thanks Craig for your help!!!

  • Carsten Bock Interesting that the screen captures actually have to have a destination to send to before Catalina asks for permission. I realized when I did my test I already had Wirecast open on another computer and that maybe that was the difference.

    You're welcome of course.

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