New Tek NDI HX Camera app for iPhone

I'm new to NDI.  The $20.00 app for my iPhone seems like a reasonable entry point.  Whenever I select the iPhone app as my video input I get a message back on the Preview screen saying, "To access this NDI stream please update the receiver software to a version prepared using the NDI 4 SDK (or better). 

Video comes through on the New Tek NDI monitor app (version 3.1 (25)) on this same computer just fine.

The first paragraph in the information for the New Tek HX Camera app on my iPhone says, "The app now does version checking on all connected NDI Receivers.  If a connected receiver needs to be upgraded the app sends that receiver a video frame with upgrade instructions rather than video that it won't be able to decode."

Is the problem simply that Wirecast needs to update the NDI driver to version 4?  Or is there something that I'm supposed to update on my computer?


Actions taken so far:

     1.  Reset preferences.

     2.  Uninstall and reinstall Wirecast 13.0.1.

     3.  Reboot the computer after 1 & 2 above.


The info:

  • MAC OS 10.14.6 (18G1012)
  • Wirecast Version 13.0.1 (63.d698e091)
  • iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)
  • Processor 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Memory 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • Input source is the New Tek NDI HX Camera app version 1.1 on my iPhone and iPad with the same results from both sources.
  • On the Source Properties screen, Status: Receiving  Video: 1920x1080 @ 29.97 fps
  • Wirecast preference settings: Highest framerate, Live Audio Meters Enabled, Create Playlist.


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  • NDI 4 for Wirecast is on the way.

  • I'm using this $10 app in the meantime. NDICam
    It supports 4 but it'll work with our current SDK as well.

  • CraigS Thank you for the info on NDI 4 compatibility.  Any guesstimates as to when?

    And again, thank you for the NDICam suggestion.  It works! :o)  With latency.  Higher resolution = more latency.  I'm getting about a half second at 1280.  170 ms at 480.  Hopefully NDI 4 will give us the lower latency numbers at 1280?  



  • Garth Scovill said:
    Any guesstimates as to when?

     I can't say publicly but it'll be reasonably soon. It's a very high priority.

  • Garth Scovill said:
    I'm new to NDI.  The $20.00 app for my iPhone seems like a reasonable entry point. 

    I'm a little annoyed with NewTek... I purchased their existing product a couple of months before this was released. Thats annoying by itself. What is more annoying is that my existing product is no longer in the App Store, and I'd need to pay the same price again going forward.

    I would agree with Craig's suggestion to use the NDICam alternative. One app that does NDI4 and earlier, without paying double!


  • Hi all,

    I had a problem with the NDICam (latest version) yesterday. After a few seconds audio and video were totally out of sync in Wirecast (13.0.2). After a reconnect in Wirecast it was fine for a few seconds. I tested it later at home with my MacBook and had the same issue. 

  • Lutz Conneus SiennaTV NDICam? Video and Audio from NDICam out of sync with each other? Determined by monitoring Wirecast LIve Broadcast Area? Sorry but your workflow isn't clear. Please explain including any settings involved.

    Please test in SiennaTV NDI Monitor as well

  • CraigS  I use SiennaTV NDICam on a iPhone X, Audio via iRig HD into the iPhone. The iPhone is connected via WiFi the the network. So in Wirecast Audio and Video came for the same source. In the beginning audio and video were in sync but after a few seconds audio and Video goes out of sync. After I pressed the "re-connect" button Audio and Video were in sync again. - I never had this issue with the camera apps (Sienna, NewTek, etc.) before - but I still have the same issue with NDI sources from my Birddog, Newtek NC1 I/O and Magewell converters. Do you understand what I mean? I tested on different setups at home and at work. always on Mac (MacBook 2017, Mac Pro, Mac Mini), different networks (Ubiquiti, Cisco...).

  • Lutz Conneus Test NDICam just using NDI Monitor. That would be the case with any NDI input device so there's a "control" which excludes Wirecast. That verifies the issue is specific to Wirecast rather than some NDI version issue. 

    Once you confirm that it is Wirecast specific, test Wirecast but disable Wirecast Preferences Live GPU Accelerated Icons. Quit and start Wirecast and use a new blank document.

  • CraigS a quick test with the NDI Monitor showed that the birddog and the magewell audio and video were in sync in the monitor (Sienna monitor and Newtek monitor). The NDICamera was a little bit out of sync. I guess 4 frames (less than in wirecast). I disabled the Icon preferences and it seems to be a little bit better but I will invest more time tomorrow in that test.

  • Lutz Conneus Thanks for testing this. Test both NDICam and either Magewell or Birdog in Wirecast with live icons disabled as well.

  • Mango Light You're welcome of course.

  • Have you guys released NDI 4 inputs for Wirecast on macOS?

    I still get the same error screen as the OP in Wirecast and I downloaded the latest version of Wirecast just yesterday.

  • Behnam Heydarshahi Given this is the Beta discussion forum are you referring to Wirecast 13.1? You should test that. 

  • You're right. I was looking at the official releases.

  • Behnam Heydarshahi Test the beta since it's part of what we're working on. Start a new thread if you have any issues. Should be 4.1 at this point I believe.

  • hi there, is there anyway to update the ndi driver for an older version of wirecast?  I am running 8.x on windows 10 for a church that needs to have a remote camera for a wedding during the lockdown.  i have the ndi app on my phone and works well to my newtek tools on the pc.  however, wirecast does not show the video.  i can add it as a source, so it sort of sees it.  however, if i toggle on and off a couple times in the app, i get the screen at the top of this thread.  I tried to install the latest sdk from newtek, no dice.  the church really doesn't have the funds to upgrade at this time, and the wedding is in a week.  i was hoping i could update this sdk separate of the wirecast version...  is that possible?

  • This is an issue with NDI with build 13.1.2

    The capture starts and freezes immediately after starting. I have tried all resolutions to limit bandwidth on Bothe the camera and the Wirecast settings with the same result.

    I am able to use the "reconnect" option, but it only updates the frame. Audio is working during and after the image freezes.

    This seems to be related to the NDI HX camera app. Other NDI sources stream smoothly.

    The NDI HX camera app works great in OBS.

  • Christopher Van Hoose is this issue true for just the ndi hx ios camera app or all ndi sources?

    i need a wireless solution for a couple remote cams, i am considering the newtek connect spark.  didn't want to really dump wirecast for obs at this point.  but i am considering it since i need this to work reliably for a wedding.  i think obs can do what i need, titles, multi cams, ...  but it is a learning curve.

    i did also notice that even if i select a youtube stream of 1080p30 that it switches back to 720p30, even if my cameras, canvas, initial setting, are all 1080p30. odd. does obs also do this? my network upload (according to speedtest.net is over 20Mbps which should be more than enough to sustain a stream with a bitrate of 5000. haven't tried in obs, but I am thinking to do that. i am struggling to understand why it is switching...

  • Hi John,

     I have tried other wired sources and they stream fine with NDI. The NDI Hx app works fine with OBS, but freezes in Wirecast. 

    I have had great success with Youtube at 1080@60fps. Facebook limits me to 720. 

  • JOHN FLOREK  - Maybe you can use Wirecast Go as a remote ca, directly connect to Wirecast, not via rendezvous!


    Christopher Van Hoose  Newtek NDI HX Camera App with Wirecast works fine on my System - Wirecast Beta 13.1.2, MacBook and iMac, NDI HX Camera 2.1 on iPhone Xs (WiFi 5 GHz)

  • @lutz I have tried  the wirecast go app, it sort of worked, not reliably though.  the iphone would show up on the list of items to add, when I would add it, it was a black sceen.  if i enter the ip directly, it would work.  the quality seemed poor though, over saturated and lower res.  also the latency seemed pretty high as well.  thus the reason I was trying the ndi app.

    the network is not congested, in fact i was the only one on it. connection to the app was max and 5ghz. I thought it might be related to the wifi, so i checked. I do not think that is the cause, the router (unifi) had a direct line of sight to the phone and the phone tested at over 18Mbps up on speedtest.net

    the quality of the video was definitely not at the level I need for this production using the wirecast go app & my iphone 7+.

  • Lutz Conneus Ill try my Macbook Pro 16” tomorrow. I am having the issue on the PC build 13.1.2, forgot to mention. 

    I am using an iPhone Max Pro and a new iPad Pro. 

    Ill report back! Thanks for the feedback. 

  • JOHN FLOREK : Hi there - we're doing a bunch of work to improve the quality of Wirecast Go -> Wirecast and should have something available soon...

  • that sounds great, however, I doubt that will help me with the wedding I have this weekend.  I will be running tests at the church this evening with obs, since in my tests at home, worked flawlessly with ndi|hx.  I appreciate the response and thank you.

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