Wirecast 12.2 released July 17, 2019

  • 3 yrs ago

Link to PDF Release Notes


12.2 – New Features

NEW – NDI ISO Recording and Replay

  • Wirecast can now record independent NDI source feeds (ISO recording of NDI feeds). This also enables the use of NDI sources for instant replay.

    12.2 – Improvements

  • Improvement – Double click volume slider to set volume level to 0db

  • Improvement – Improve name reporting of Facebook Location Pages

  • Improvement – Reset button for Crop Controls in Shot Layer Properties

  • Improvement – Update notification dialog to inform users if the update can be ran given their support status

  • Improvement – Update the error message for Stock Media when support is expired

  • Improvement – Update the NDI SDK to the latest 3.8 version

  • Improvement – When adding a shot from 'Edit' Menu allow the user an easier way to add a source

    12.2 – Fixes

  • Fixed – Add additional logging to diagnose timestamp issues in RTMP outputs

  • Fixed – Adding an NDI source from VLC the video output is missing with certain sources

  • Fixed – Ampersand incorrectly displayed on the Controllers Tab in Preferences

  • Fixed – Audio looping when NDI Sources become unavailable

  • Fixed – Blackmagic Devices through NDI not available in Wirecast

  • Fixed – Changing the graphics adapter then clicking restart causes indefinite hang

  • Fixed – Changing the system language and locale to certain languages will cause the preferences to reset at startup

  • Fixed – Colorspace dropdown is hidden when a source switches from RGB to YUV

  • Fixed – Crash changing Canvas Size

  • Fixed – Crash choosing Replay destination folder after adding duplicate Shortcut

  • Fixed – Crash when opening a Wirecast document with specific Text Sources

  • Fixed – Crash when reaching the Twitter/Periscope authorization timeout

  • Fixed – Custom Presets are not available when using platform presets

  • Fixed – Dynamic Destination Protocol: x264_preset not respected

  • Fixed – Improper capitalization in lead sentence in Stock Media Library warning message

  • Fixed – Improper layout when expanding the Add Shot dialog box

  • Fixed – Improper layout when resizing the Stock Media dialog box

  • Fixed – Improve LinkedIn Live failure logging

  • Fixed – Incorrect frame rate streaming to Wowza

  • Fixed – Korean Language - Web Stream configuration fields missing

  • Fixed – Labels swapped for shadow interface settings

  • Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Streaming to an organization then creating a broadcast as member results in server error

  • Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Switching between accounts does not refresh organizations popup

  • Fixed – LinkedIn Live - Unable to create a broadcast after finishing a broadcast

  • Fixed – Japanese: Incorrect formatting of a hyperlink on the Welcome to Wirecast screen

  • Fixed – Japanese: Incorrect translation for "Tip of the Day"

  • Fixed – Memory leaks while looping video

  • Fixed – Multi-Viewer Config Window shows incorrect resolution when a monitor is scaled at 200%

  • Fixed – NDI - Tampered Network Traffic with NDI Source causes Wirecast to crash

  • Fixed – Selecting the low bandwidth option results in bad video

  • Fixed – Out of process Task Sources will not display at full refresh rate in the multi-viewer until the

    source enters Preview/Live

  • Fixed – Odd license behavior when you select "Buy Wirecast" then close the purchase window

  • Fixed – QR Code inverted

  • Fixed – Remote rendezvous guest still hears audio from the microphone at full volume level

  • Fixed – Show the correct error message when entering a blacklisted serial

  • Fixed – Show the correct error message when entering an invalid serial

  • Fixed – Show the correct error message when exceeding the activation limit

  • Fixed – Stock Media Library: License tab of Preferences should indicate support date is also for SML

  • Fixed – Stock Media Library no character limit or restriction in search box.

  • Fixed – Support Restream.IO Chat in Web Page shot

  • Fixed – Text: Shadow Checkbox does not retain state

  • Fixed – Trial License does not allow certain PRO audio features

  • Fixed – Web Page source not animating, just static images

  • Fixed – Windows Media Server port number does not change

  • Fixed – Wirecast crashed when changing output audio device on macOS

  • Fixed – Wirecast One MBP Touch Bar displays five layers

  • Fixed – Wowza Stream Engine Logs report incorrect frame rate metadata

  • Fixed – XKEYS - Transition indicator lights are backwards unless the default transitions are used

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