Audio Capture doesn't work on new MacBook Pro

After using Wirecast for years, when I bought a new MacBook Pro and installed the latest version of Wirecast, I am unable to get audio capture to work — whether a YouTube video, Zoom call, or anything else.

Here are my specs:

  • OS 10.14.1 Mojave
  • Wirecast Pro 11.0.0
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2018; 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9
  • Input source: Screen Capture, with Capture System Audio checked (I've tried both monitor and window settings)
  • Wirecast preference settings for Audio Interface: I have tried System Default, Telestream Audio Capture, and MacBook Pro Speakers with no success

The screen capture shows up, but no audio comes into Wirecast. I replicated all of this on an older MacBook Pro running Wirecast version 10 and the old computer has no problem with the audio capture.

I've read about problems with Apple's new T2 chip, and tried installing the latest Screenflow version (8.2.2) and then uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Telestream Audio Driver within Screenflow. That allows me to successfully capture audio in Screenflow, but does not fix the Wirecast problem. 

Let me know if you need any additional information to diagnose this problem!


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  • Wirecast is still using the old driver. The awkward workaround is use USB audio device to monitor and that bypasses the T2 chip.

    There's third party audio routing software which may work but we need to work to handle this natively.

    Please report this issue as we need to prioritize using the new driver which ScreenFlow uses.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • CraigS Thanks so much for your reply. I reported this as an issue, and hope this gets resolved natively in short order! 

  • David Bereit We're definitely working on this. It's a must fix update as we already developed the driver for our other desktop product.

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  • Craig, after reporting this issue to tech support, here's what I was told: "You can use the NDI screen capture tool by downloading it here: http://www.vmix.com/ndi this has audio as well and works great." I tried downloading the screen capture tool and was unsuccessful at getting this option to work — but since it's not a Telestream product, I don't think tech support can help me. Do you have any sense of when the audio capture problem with Macs using the T2 chip will be natively addressed in a Wirecast update, especially considering that Screenflow has already implemented the new audio driver, but not Wirecast? This is a high-urgency issue for me and likely other users with Macs that have now been on the market for several months. Thanks for all your help!

  • David Bereit I don't have a specific date but it's definitely in the works. When you fill out the support form and get a case number you can respond back by email with the case number and ask if there's an estimated delivery time frame.

  • can someone tell me where this stands right now.  Was Wirecast updated to compensate for the T2 issue?

  • Alan Weinstein said:
    can someone tell me where this stands right now.  Was Wirecast updated to compensate for the T2 issue?

     It hasn't. The workaround I'm using on my iMac Pro is to use an inexpensive USB device to monitor which then causes the audio to bypass the T2 chip and you can capture audio using the driver.

    Please do fill out the previously posted form and request the driver be updated. Updating the driver has some very big challenges which is why it's still being investigated.  

  • CraigS so a USB speaker?

  • Alan Weinstein That would work. I bought a Behringer UMC22 and use speakers or headphones on out and use the XLR in for mic. A USB speaker should work though. There's some very inexpensive USB to analog audio out devices as well.

  • Thanks we'll give it a try.  

  • Alan Weinstein You're welcome of course.

  • So I had my team member buy the Behringer and plugged it into his MacBook Pro.  so a couple of questions .  On the Mac book what does he select in his sound preferences for output and input the codec that shows up when the Behringer is plugged in?  If so, is that for both input and output?

    What gets plugged into the Behringer in and out.  Remember he is simply trying to bring in ZOOM audio and video from a second monitor.  Video is in it is the audio that was the issue.

    Now in Wirecast, what does he select as Audio Interface in the Audio Mixer panel, and preferences?  

    Now I need to know after those settings are selected how is he bringing in the ZOOM audio which was the problem that started this. \?

    Thanks and hopefully I'm not asking too much.



  • Alan Weinstein Computer Audio Output should always be USB out for monitoring. Then Wirecast audio driver should work normally. This will bypass the T2 chip and audio capture will then work same as it has in the past.


  • CraigS and nothing is getting plugged into the Behringer?

  • No... no sound in at all. Since getting the new Macbook Pro, Wirecast does not get any sound from Zoom, so...yeah...we cannot broadcast any of our zoom webinars with wirecast anymore.

    We have a Windows license on a pc that works no problem AND also my old Macbook Pro where it all works "plug and play" - although the reason why we needed the more powerful (and now useless...) Macbook Pros was because of the CPU usage being maxed out on my old Macbook pro...

  • The more we try different things, the more this looks like a Wirecast / Zoom issue. 

    We can play videos and Wirecast see them (sound and video), we can plug a microphone and it works, we can play music and it works - when we try to get Zoom on Wirecast…nothing.


    We tried to get sound in from the Behringer and nothing. 

    Wirecast does not hear any sound coming in from Zoom or the Behringer

  • CraigS do you have any screen shots on the View Audio MIDI Setup settings?

  • Hi Alan Weinstein .

    I previously played with the Wirecast audio capture component, but I was never happy with it. Instead of using the built in component, I use Dante VIA.

    By using VIA, I can select individual applications and route them to specific Wirecast input channels.

    Its got a 30 day trial license, so you could see if it works with Via as an alternative...


  • Greg Kuhnert How is that going to compensate for the T2 issue?

  • How is that going to compensate for the T2 issue?

    Well, for a start - there is a 30 day trial. I don't have that hardware, so I don't want to give you a guarantee. However, Craig mentioned that Wirecast have not updated their audio drivers yet. Perhaps the ones with Via are newer. I don't have a T2 chip, so I cannot comment.

    Either way - Free trial = nothing to lose.

  • Alan Weinstein Speakers or headphones. That's how I monitor the sound.

  • Alan Weinstein You may want to test just by capturing a YouTube video playing in Safari. First, make sure capture works to see whether it's Zoom specific.

  • Same problem with Skype so not a ZOOM only issue.

  • Also tried playing a Youtube video - still no sound.

    Wirecast does not recognize any "system audio capture" 

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