the problem of text ticker

hi,I just bought  the wirecast pro and had a problem of using it.

when I try to add a text ticker on my scene, I found I can't display my text on end easily.

In English, there is no need of display text on end because one letter usually cannot mean a word, but since I use  Chinese, we need this feature. we often show the title and word on end because In chinese one single character have a whole meaning.  in case i didn't make it clear, I upload a example of text on end. right now, the only way to show Chinese text  on end in wirecast is  typing one letter and then you press "Enter",one by one  until finished. but it is too unefficient.

I don't know whether i didn't find this feature or wirecast don't have feature. If the answer is the latter one, can you guys add this feature? because in china ,maybe Japan and Korea ,we all need this feature! 

and there is also some ui problem in chinese , such as some button overlap with each other, hope you guys can fix it later. 


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  • Thanks for that description. It certainly sounds like a Chinese localization issue and how a ticker should work in that language.

    Certainly, fill out the form and send them an explanation as you just posted here. We'll send you a case number while we investigate the fix.

    Wirecast Support Form

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