Looking for feedback on my first video

Thanks to the ScreenFlowLive webinars and Chris Mattia 's tutorials on Lynda.com , I've made my first video. It's now up here.


I'm open to hearing feedback (either here or via direct message)... Let me know what you think I could improve, what you think I did well and any other feedback/questions.


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  • Nice job Neil Barman !

    Nice short piece, that moves and has good energy, well done. 

    A couple of minor suggestions. For your text descriptions try adding a black drop shadow or black glow around the white text to help it pop a bit more.  It can be a little hard to read when it overlaps the bright colors in the background.  

    Also at the end of your zoom in call outs, perhaps add a fast cross fade  / dissolve transition to the end of that move to blend the end of the zoom back out a little smoother.  That should help hide that sharp outline at the very end of your zoom out animation.

    All in all though nice work and thanks for sharing!


  • Chris Mattia Thank you for that feedback! It's very much appreciated.

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