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I just upgraded to Wirecast 8 Pro. I was playing around with NDI sources - two different laptops, connected to the network via ethernet, and connecting to the Wirecast machine, a desktop also connected via ethernet. All three devices have Gigabit connections and were connected to a Gigabit switch.


I started the NDI scan converter on the first laptop and set up the shot in Wirecast. After I played around with that shot for a bit, I started the scan converter on the second laptop but the source didn't show up in Wirecast. I closed the document and re-opened it and the second laptop NDI source was there.


Do I really have to have all devices running the scan converter before I start Wirecast? What if I need to add an NDI source during my production? Is there a way to "refresh" Wirecast's NDI sources? With the NDI video monitor, it seems that as soon as another source comes on the network, it shows up in the list.


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  • It seems to be intermittent. After starting on another computer which was detected immediately, I started NDI Scan Convertor on the Same Computer as Wirecast and while NDI Monitor immediately saw it, Wirecast did not see it as a source. After about 5 minutes or so it finally appeared.

    Please do report this issue and you may include my comments as confirmation as well.

    Wirecast Support Form

  • I submitted a support request a week ago with my question and your response. I received the automated notice that they received my request but have not received any information back about it.

  • Sean iiams Follow up by email with your case number and ask for a status update. They may still be investigating given the intermittent nature.

  • same situation here:

    MY CONFIGURATION: mac pro 2013, wirecast 8 pro, gigabit network + airport extreme + iphone 8 plus

    SOURCE: newtek NDI camera app installed on iphone 8 plus

    wirecast see NDI cam of iphone 8 plus as soon as i start a new document, i can play a while with it (stream start, stop, close the app, re-open the app...ecc ecc) but after a while wirecast cannot see the NDI cam until i close and reopen a new document

  • Matteo Crisci Use NDI Monitor on the Wirecast computer and tell me what it sees when Wirecast loses NDI input. That may tell us if it's source side (iPhone) or receiving side (Wirecast) issue.

    BTW there's been a recent update to the NDI tools so make sure everything is current.

  • To update on this situation:

    I sent a request to Wirecast support and got help from Robert. After he asked a few questions and I explained my situation in detail, he gave the following response:

    "I did some digging and discovered that Wirecast is continually searching for NDI sources but the longer that Wirecast is running, the longer that search interval becomes. This should be improved, so I went ahead and filed a request to the Wirecast team in the form of a NDI capture device refresh button to manually update the NDI capture devices list."

    Hopefully this will be added to Wirecast in a future minor update!

  • Sean iiams Thanks very much for the update.

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