YouTube: Error Requesting events from server

First, my specs:

Ballistix Sport LT 32GB RAM
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processor
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard
Windows 10 Pro x64 OS Build 15063.608
Crucial MX300 M.2 275GB SATA III internal SSD

Wirecast 7.7


The issue:

I have a YouTube channel that has two previous completed live streams. When I attempt to use the YouTube preconfigured output setting and I log into my YouTube account, I receive the following message: "Error Requesting events from server". If I create an event through Wirecast I receive the following message: "Error Updating Live Broadcast data to the server". If I create an event using YouTube and use the RTMP output setting in Wirecast I have no issues.


I've read that Wirecast has issues with completed live events in YouTube, but it's been related to a long list of completed events. Does Wirecast have problems with any number of completed events; do I have to delete every live event in order to use the YouTube output preset?


Thanks in advance.

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  • I'm having this same issue. Has it been resolved yet? I'm having the same issue. I tried the same solutions here, but still get the error message, "Error Requesting events from server." Thanks!

  • Tim Schmoyer No updates yet. The only way I can get things working is to delete every single previous recording via the YouTube creator's webpage, and then not selecting the ultra-low latency option during the live event creation process.

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  • Tim Schmoyer Fill out the support form I posted previously. Examining other instances of the issue can help us investigate a possible common cause.

    For the time being, avoid using Stop Streaming in the Control Room and just end the stream in Wirecast. 

  • CraigS Done! Thanks!

  • Tim Schmoyer You're welcome of course.

  • Old topic here - but I am getting the same message today. And the positive news - I have debugged it sufficiently to know why.

    I enabled a proxy, and examined the API messages going to youtube from Wirecast.

        "snippet": {
            "title": "Test",
            "description": "Test Stream",
            "scheduledStartTime": "2018-03-03T10:30:00Z"
        "status": {
            "privacyStatus": "unlisted"
        "contentDetails": {
            "enableEmbed": true,
            "enableDvr": true,
            "enableContentEncryption": false,
            "startWithSlate": false,
            "recordFromStart": true,
            "enableClosedCaptions": false,
            "monitorStream": {
                "enableMonitorStream": true,
                "broadcastStreamDelayMs": 0

    The above is the JSON that is sent to youtube. Lets see what we got back.

        "error": {
            "errors": [{
                "domain": "youtube.liveBroadcast",
                "reason": "invalidEmbedSetting",
                "message": "Embed setting was invalid",
                "extendedHelp": "https://developers.google.com/youtube/v3/live/docs/liveBroadcasts#contentDetails.enableEmbed"
            "code": 400,
            "message": "Embed setting was invalid"

    The youtube error message says it all. The request from Wirecast is invalid.

    Whats the fix for this?

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  • Greg Kuhnert Report this using the form and we'll investigate the fix. This is the kind of details the developers need. Thanks for that. Keep in mind that most users don't experience this so I suspect there may be a variable outside the information being sent (such as a YouTube Control Room setting).

  • CraigS - I already reported this... The response I had was:

    As I read in the forum post you received word that this is a known issue. With that said, our engineers try their best to get every issue fixed in a timely manner. But sometimes not every item gets fixed. We don't have a time line on a fix, but it will be in a future release. 

    I don't know how this forum post is listed as a known issue. To use your words - can you please "light a fire" under the support team to provide a response. Ticket number is 00540653

    I also provided details of a workaround that I used... as well as other problems during the stream... including wire cast crashing - stream dropouts (not bandwidth related)... Are these also known issues I guess ... but "sometimes not every item gets fixed".


  • Greg Kuhnert Respond back asking for "Internal Reference (JIRA)" number so I can monitor it. According to the case number it was just reported so it has to go through the system and a developers meeting for internal review and verification. We can't promise fixes as there may be OS or other limits on certain functions (like initiating a rescan).

  • Nice to know I wasn't the only person getting this error.

  • I just skipped using the API and went RTMP so I could get my low latency without any errors. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

  • It's possible the issue is in YouTube's API itself. 

    For those who've submitted the case a few months back, please follow up by email with the case number and ask for a status update.

  • Greg Kuhnert We now have an internal reference WIRE-14183 based on your report. This is actually differently than previous issues relating to Events so it's our first report of this specifically. Other Events and YouTube Control Room issues are known. Previous issue may have been related to the number of Events or Latency setting for example. The issue you report is new so we created a new reference for it.

    Generally, since YouTube may add features server side not (yet) in the API and implemented by us, I recommend creating Events through Wirecast although that might not be relevant in your case. There are some control room features which may impact the stream that are not available as implemented in the API (latency controls are one example).

  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    Are these also known issues

     Always submit the form for each issue even if one believes they are "known" because each additional case may show additional variables that need to examined as correlates.

  • I’ve just experienced the same problem. In Wirecast 12, on consecutive days, my wirecast did not connect with YouTube server. This happened on two separate wirecast accounts going to different YouTube accounts. Finally, I opened up an old project and it read the live event options under the output menu.  

    Is there another fix?

  • Tom Lipscomb Please test with Wirecast 13.0.2. 
    Last version in 12 series was 12.2.1. There may have been fixes there as well.

    YouTube did have an issue with heavy usage periods on Sunday but that should be resolved. If the issue occurred on Sunday please let us know.

  • Hi! Is that a paid upgrade or part of my regular license? Thanks for responding.

  • Tom Lipscomb If you're on support the upgrade is including no extra charge.

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